5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (2023)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)it is not a fresh dish. With smartphones and laptops playing a constant role at work, companies want a control center to work safer, easier and better.

However, in the Android software market, most of the MDM tools have high device count requirements and are not price and easy to use. Therefore, they do not encounter small and medium-sized companies.

Free MDM for Android would be a better option. A free Android MDM tool offers security, but at a lower price and with simpler device management steps.

If you're looking for one for your business, you'll find the answer here. In the following paragraphs, we have listed top 5 free MDM for small business and introduced their main features, quantity limit, device requirements, etc. Now let's start!

  • Part 1: What is Android MDM?
  • Part 3: Top 5 Free Android MDM Solutions
  • Part 4: Factors to consider when choosing free Android MDM for small business
  • Part 5: How to enroll a device in free Android MDM software and configure security settings?

Part 1: What is Android MDM?

Android MDM (Mobile Device Management) is an Android technology solution that simplifies device management while improving the security of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It is powered by Android Enterprise, the resource for full development of MDM software and mobile devices used by businesses. In 2020, Google announcedAndroid essentials for businessfor small and medium-sized businesses as a complement to meet your specific mobile security needs and to make cost-effective offers.

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (1)

Free MDM solutions enable small businesses to implement Android MDM. By using the console platform, a company can use certain services to protect devices and data and to configure settings.

Some features of free Android MDM solution:

Security Monitor devices, track information such as device status and user logs, and receive abnormal alerts.
Configure device settings An administrator can enforce a password rule, close network access, disable USB file transfer, etc.
remote control Erase all sensitive data in case of device loss or theft, lock device screen to protect against unauthenticated users, remove malware, etc.
application management allow or deny installation of the app, update to the latest version of the app, and launch a homegrown business app.
Others Workflow, Notification, Geofencing, File Transfer,Kiosk Mode, report etc.

Part 2: Why is mobile device management important for small and medium-sized businesses?

1. Resist cyber attacks

The fact is a bit shocking. Almost half of cyberattacks target small businesses, and the exact number is43%. This is because small businesses are more vulnerable due to the lack of professional technicians to maintain cybersecurity. As a result, 60% of victims closed.

MDM solutions can improve the situation. Some offer 24/7 monitoring of the corporate network and block insecure connections.

For example, AirDroid MDM performs a top-notch security audit that includes motion detection and on-site security to support the data center. It also applies TLS, RSA and AES (256-bit) in session encryption to block unauthenticated access.

2. Prevent data breaches

Data leaks occur during network attacks and also when passwords are cracked on devices.

Lost or stolen devices used by employees39% of companiessuffer data security breaches. Additionally, bad password habits in the workplace are also leaders. investigation ofKeeperseguridadshows that bad passwords and unsaved passwords result in a quarter of businesses losing $5 million or more.

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (2)

MDM software is designed to solve the problems mentioned. The tool allows the organization to remotely erase all data on the device at once. In addition, the policy feature allows IT to reset passwords and force employees to use long passwords on the device.

(Video) ManageEngine MDM Free Training - App Management and Device Security

3. Support business growth

According to PRNewswire,48% of small businessesown applications to keep in touch with your customers. Good customer service increases the company's sales and creates a trustworthy image.

A mobile device management provider can help get apps published to Google Play.

Like AirDroid Business, it not only supports the launch of customizable company-owned apps, but also offers step-by-step deployment and testing.

Use :

Tiered publishing is a feature that allows you to publish your enterprise app based on device number and percentage, countries and territories, device information like IMEI, IMSI or SNID, and custom groups.

Whereby the launch apps by country and percentage are only on AirDroid.

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (3)

Part 3: Top 5 Free Android MDM Solutions

If you look around in search results or software review websites, you will find that completely free MDM solutions are nowhere to be found. Instead, most tests offer at different times.

But here we list certified, near-zero cost MDM for small businesses. We also provide details such as device limit, free-to-use features, trial period, pricing, etc.

1AirDroid store

Ensure continuity in your mobile business byAirDroid Enterprise MDM. This free MDM for Android devices offers a high-end user experience. And was recognized as one of the best MDM solutions by G2 2021-2023 Grid Reports.

Available for Android 4.1+, AirDroid can be used to manage phones, tablets, digital signage, media boxes, kiosks, TVs, home appliances, etc. The management console is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.


  • Free trial period:14 days with up to 10 devices added
  • Prices:$1 per device/month, unlimited device
  • Free feature:AirDroid Business opens all of its features to new users during the trial period.
  • Settings policy to limit device usage including apps, network, password and file transfer.
  • UseAMS Serviceto release, test and update the company's own application.
  • Monitor the device screen in real time.
  • AttitudeKiosk mode of a single application or multiple applications.
  • Control all your mobile devices anywhere, anytime.
  • Transfer large amounts of files at once.
  • Preview of all relevant device data on the dashboard.
  • Use cases: , health, logistics, retail, education, self-service catering, etc.

14 days free trial

2Google workspace

Google MDMis one of the best free MDM solutions for BYOD that ensures the security of corporate and employee data. With Google Workspace MDM, an IT admin can control device data separately without accessing the employee's personal account.

This free MDM solution works for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. For small and medium-sized businesses, Google Workspace offers a basic mode for mobile device management as a more affordable offering.


  • Free trial period:14 days with up to 10 devices added
  • Prices:$6 per user/month, up to 300 user accounts
  • Free feature:
  • Screen lock passcode app and password setting rules.
  • Two-Step Verification.
  • App blacklist or whitelist to manage apps on the device.
  • Remote user account deletion.
  • Set up activity alerts to monitor devices.
  • Use cases:Retail, finance and human resources, education, etc.
(Video) ManageEngine MDM Free Training- Modern management of Windows 10 and Mac

3ManageEngine MDM Plus

ManageEngine MDM Plus is a legacy-line open-source MDM ideal for running Android devices. Portions of their products allow IT staff to make custom changes. The suite of tools on your dashboard integrates with management-related tools for free, allowing devices to be managed based on conditions.

The free MDM server supports end-to-end endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs and rugged devices. In addition to Android, Chrome OS, iOS and iPadOS are available.


  • Free trial period:30 days with unlimited additional devices
  • Prices:$0 for up to 25 devices
  • Free feature:
  • OpManager Free Edition - A customizable monitoring solution for small businesses to protect networks.
  • Secure device content and email access.
  • Install/remove internal apps and apps from the App Store.
  • Create and configure policies.
  • Create user profiles and assign permissions based on roles.
  • Lock down a device using kiosk mode.
  • Fix and erase data remotely.


Miradore is another option. According to G2, it has a 38% small business market segment.

The free Android MDM tool is essential in BYOD IT management and offers an easy-to-use interface. Your free plan includes basic security features to prevent data leaks, such as: B. the lock mode.


  • Free trial period:14 dia
  • Prices:$0 per device unlimited with limited features
  • Free feature:
  • Lock, erase, reset passwords remotely and play alarm sound.
  • storage encryption.
  • Determine the latest version of the system.
  • Configure email, WiFi, and VPN settings.
  • Report and Notification.
  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Fix and erase data remotely.
  • Use cases:IT, education, retail, healthcare, etc.


Microsoft Intune is a comprehensive cloud-based MDM solution with a free 30-day subscription. It can be used on Android and Android Open Source Project (AOSP) devices.

Microsoft Intune supports a Zero Trust security strategy for access and privacy on mobile devices. In addition, the free mobile device management software works with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to provide mobile threat prevention services.


  • Free trial period:30 dia
  • Prices:$10.60 per user/month, each user can enroll up to 15 devices
  • Free feature:
  • Configure security settings via policies.
  • Configure application and browser usage limits.
  • Block Wi-Fi and VPN connections.
  • Configure corporate email access settings.
  • Delete and lock remotely.

Part 4: Factors to consider when choosing free Android MDM for small business

Finding the best free MDM server can take months. Before you overload yourself with reviews and comparisons, you should know what will help you with your decision.

1: Security of data storage

Most free Android MDM tools use cloud-based servers to store user and device data. If you don't want your business data spilled by the free provider, you'd better check if it works with trusted servers.

In addition, the use of the encryption standard for digital data is also critical. And the 256-bit AES encryption is the strongest available.

2: Supported features

The services provided by free MDM solutions vary depending on the device's policy. For example, a company with a BYOD policy can focus more on protecting employees' private data and collaborative files. Therefore, a solution compatible with Android work profile is the best option.

And yet, a company that orchestrates fully managed devices, in addition to device security, needs other mandatory features like kiosk mode to control the devices.

3: Device Requirements

It includes device quantity limit, supported system and supported endpoints for monitoring and control.

The quantity limit is usually between 10 and 100.

Normally, Free MDM for Android is available for device system version 4.0 and above.

And mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers are available for endpoints to be controlled, while endpoints to be controlled have broader device types such as POS, ruggedized devices, kiosks, digital signage, etc

(Video) 4 Ways MDM Solutions Deliver Results for Businesses

4: operation

A simple menu bar and user-friendly dashboard can save you training time. You can look at the login methods.

Part 5: How to enroll a device in free Android MDM software and configure security settings?

Step 1.First, log in to the AirDroid MDM management console.
Step 2.After that, go to “Device” in the top horizontal menu and register the device through the device owner.
Step 3.Create a provisioned device configuration policy as shown below.
1) Go to Policies and Kiosk > Policies and Kiosk Configuration Files > select + Create Configuration File > Select Policy Template.

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (4)

2) Specify any device settings and policy file restrictions.
What you can manage: Password, App Block List, Camera, Wi-Fi, VPN, Bluetooth, USB File Transfer and others.
3) Name the file and register/change the security code.
Note: The code is a double guarantee. Used to remove policy files or devices from policy settings.

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (5)

4) Select devices or device groups and apply the policy.

14 days free trial

You can ask

How much does MDM software cost on average?

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (6)


Ideally, the price will vary from one MDM software to another; However, the average starting price is $8.2 per month. See Capterra Pricing GuideHere.

Is there free MDM for Apple devices?

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (7)


Yes, JumpCloud, Jamf, and Rippling are top-rated iOS MDM software that are free to use.

(Video) MDM Solutions Explained

How do I access MDM on Android?

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (8)


First you need to install an MDM app package on your Android device. Then you can follow these steps to enter the control panel. ClickHere.

What is the MDM app on Android?

5 Free Android MDM Solutions for SMBs (9)


It can be considered as a management solution for Android mobile devices. Some MDM providers publish apps on Google Play to offer better management services to administrators and controlled devices.

(Video) ManageEngine MDM Free Training - Device Enrollment and Provisioning


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