[Required] Best MDM solution in the retail industry in 2023 (2023)

If you're in the retail industry, you know how important it is to keep up with modern trends. Kiosks and POS have become commonplace in retail stores for regular transactions. But the modern trend is towards mobilePOS, where smartphones and tablets are transformed into point-of-sale devices.

This is where the term Mobile Device Management has its origins in retail.MDM for retailhelps businesses expand and provide a better customer experience. It also increases employee productivity and improves overall corporate governance. We will thoroughly discuss and deliver all aspects of MDM in retailbest retail MDM solution.

  • Part 1: What is Retail Mobile Device Management (MDM)?
  • Part 2: Why is MDM needed in retail?
  • Part 3: What are the benefits of using MDM in retail?
  • Part 4: Best Retail MDM Solution - AirDroid Business MDM[Required] Best MDM solution in the retail industry in 2023 (1)
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • Part 6: Frequently asked questions about MDM in retail

Part 1. What is Retail Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Retail MDM refers to the process of controlling mobile devices in a company's retail stores. The process includes provisioning, monitoring, regulating and securing mobile devices. You can enforce specific standards and policies for connected mobile devices.

Instead of managing mobile devices individually, you can aMobile device management solutionto manage the devices in groups for similar devices.

MDM brings workflow efficiency and manageability to the retail industry. In addition, Retail MDM has introduced remote support and automatic maintenance for all connected mobile devices.

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Part 2. Why Is MDM Needed in Retail?

The primary focus of any retail business is improving the customer experience so they can retain their customers and attract new ones. At the same time, companies want to rely on technology to better manage their retail operations.

Mobile technologies have transformed the retail industry for better management and customer service. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, POS, kiosks, rugged devices and IoT devices have become an integral part of the retail industry.

Thanks to mobile technology, customers do not have to wait in long lines to order or pay. As mobile devices are essential to retail businesses, MDM is required in retail to monitor and regulate connected mobile devices. In addition, in retail, MDM is directly responsible for improving work efficiency as well as brand image.

Part 3. What are the Benefits of Using MDM in Retail?

The reason MDM has become necessary in retail is because there are a number of benefits that take the business to the next level. Here are the key benefits of MDM in retail.

Better device management

You can create different groups for similar devices and assign roles to different groups instead of individual devices. You can control usage time and user permissions for devices.

In addition, you can also schedule maintenance outside of business hoursRemote monitoring and control of the device. All connected devices can be efficiently managed from a central dashboard.

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Improve work efficiency

Using MDM in retail is a great way to improve work efficiency. Employees can access the information they need on their devices and help customers immediately. In addition, the ability to monitor all devices from the central dashboard and access remote support instantly increases work efficiency.

In addition, customers can make payments on mobile devices, which reduces the workload on specific devices and greatly improves work efficiency.

Better device protection

Depending on the MDM solution application you use, you can seamlessly secure connected mobile devices. You can safely store data in encrypted format and secure it by implementing various security protocols. Data stored on devices can beremote shutdownif the devices are stolen.

You can also track the location of devices and set Geofence to receive instant alerts when they are taken outside of its boundaries. Remote sessions are secured to prevent hacking attempts. You can implement an authentication protocol to establish remote connections and configure the firewall to prevent malware attacks.

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Fix device and system problems in time

One of the biggest advantages of retail MDM is that connected devices can be monitored remotely. Support staff can set alerts based on specific parameters, so they're instantly notified when a device malfunctions.

You can contact the device remotely and solve the technical problem immediately. Therefore, the downtime of the device during working hours will be minimal thanks to timely troubleshooting.

Avoid abuse and distraction

Any time you give your customer a device, there is always a chance of misuse. Employees can also misuse the devices assigned to them and become distracted from their regular work.

This is possible via the mobile device managementLock device in a single app, limit app downloads, browse websites, explore device capabilities, and more. You can only have useful apps related to your business and block everything else to prevent abuse and distraction.

improve brand image

The company logo on a device's lock screen and home screen is now considered part of the device's identity. A company logo can be quickly added and changed using MDM to meet your company's branding needs and requirements. Retail mobile device management provides a professional user experience with a corporate brand while simplifying mobile device operations.

You can configure a background policy to prevent end users from making changes. With a sophisticated interface, this not only ensures a uniform design across all platforms, but also strengthens brand awareness.

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Part 4. Best Retail MDM Solution - AirDroid Business MDM

To properly implement mobile device management for your retail business, you need the best MDM solution application. We recommendAirDroid storeto optimally manage Android devices.

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AirDroid Business has all the features and options you need to manage connected mobile devices to run your retail business smoothly.

1. What is AirDroid Business MDM solution?

AirDroid Business is an award-winning MDM solution that can simplify the management of any endpoint running on Android. From Android phones, tablets and rugged devices to point of sale, kiosks and digital signage, AirDroid Business is compatible with all these popular devices used in retail. The all-in-one Android device management software offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options.

You can remotely monitor connected devices, troubleshoot technical issues from anywhere, and protect corporate data with custom security policies.

If you have mobile workers, you can track the location of mobile devices assigned to your team. The software has cloud and on-premise deployment options, and there are custom plans that businesses of all sizes can afford.

14 days free trial

2. How can AirDroid Business MDM help your retail business?

Here are AirDroid Business MDM's key features that will take your retail business to the next level.

1Remote access and control

With AirDroid Business, you can remotely access and control Android devices to do anything. For example, you can control it remotely to troubleshoot problems so devices have minimal downtime. You can also use the device remotely as if you were there.

In addition, it supports remote camera and real-time voice chat functions, allowing you to view the device surroundings. If employees are on site, you can also communicate with them.

2Monitoring, Alerts and Workflow

AirDroid Business has a central dashboard from which you can monitor various parameters of connected devices from anywhere and anytime. In addition, you can create device groups for easy monitoring.

Also, AirDroid Business allows you to set filters for critical parameters. When it detects unusual events on your device, you'll receive alerts and run automated workflows to solve problems immediately.

It also supports bulk and automated configuration and flexible permissions, as well as grouping of devices to improve workflow.

3Kiosk Mode

AirDroid Business features a unique kiosk mode that allows you to restrict access to apps, websites, and settings to prevent abuse and distraction. You can ensure safe operation on connected devices.

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Also, you can customize the interface to showcase your brand. Also, you can create different kiosk profiles for different device groups for better management.

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4track device location

You can instantly track the locations of connected devices in real time. You can even set Geofence to give you alerts when devices go over the allowed limit.

This allows you to track your mobile workers and prevent device theft. You can track locations and monitor and analyze parameters of all devices from one central dashboard.

5Device management and security

AirDroid Business takes care of all common security concerns of mobile devices used in retail. With AirDroid Business, all data transfers are encrypted using TLS to ensure privacy. You can also lock devices remotely. To unlock, the screen lock password must be entered into the device. Device security has been significantly improved.

In addition, AirDroid Business has a black screen mode patent technology. You can dim the device screen so that the information on the device is not visible, which can effectively protect your data.

6Mobile application management

With AirDroid Business, you can instantly deploy any app to remote mobile devices in your retail store. You can create an app library that can contain both your company's apps and the apps that your company needs. Additionally, you can deploy application updates incrementally to minimize the risk of device failure due to updates.


Retail MDM is the need of the hour. Mobile devices are widely used in retail to enable self-service and faster transactions. To manage mobile devices, mobile device management is a necessity.

We recommendAirDroid storeas the best MDM solution to manage all Android-based endpoints. You can remotely monitor, control, troubleshoot and backup your Android devices from anywhere.

14 days free trial

Frequently asked questions about MDM in retail

How do retailers manage mobile devices across multiple locations?

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Retailers use the Mobile Device Management solution to efficiently manage mobile devices across multiple locations. The MDM solution supports remote monitoring of connected mobile devices from a central dashboard. Retailers can track the location of devices, as well as reach out and control them remotely.

What is a retail kiosk used for?

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A retail kiosk is a device used to display information and provide self-service for customers to complete orders and transactions faster. The main purpose of a kiosk is to offer automation for a better customer experience and to minimize the load on regular payment points.

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