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For research purposes: previous remote and flexible jobs at Sherwin-Williams

We include these past jobs to find out what types of remote and flexible jobs Sherwin-Williams has employed in the past and is likely to hire again in the future.

  • Recruitment Coordinator

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    We are looking for a Recruitment Coordinator to recruit and support special projects for the Talent Acquisition team. This position will focus on assisting with the administrative aspects of young talent recruitment strategies,...

  • Deputy ICT Project Manager

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Set workloads and deadlines and ensure budget adherence to support entire IT projects. Bachelor's degree with 1+ years of experience required. or an equivalent combination. Full time job with occasional trips. Working from home during a pandemic.

  • Recruitment coordinator

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Help with aspects of the recruiting lifecycle, schedule interviews, screen applicants over the phone, and keep applicants flowing. You have a bachelor's degree and 1 year of experience in supporting the recruitment function. Full time job, remote work.

  • Audytor IT

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    The external position will run the annual compliance program, interview companies about existing processes/controls, participate in the execution of business processes and conduct internal application audits. Bachelor's degree and one year of experience required.

  • legal assistant

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

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    Support of the company's lawyer in legal and administrative tasks, research, invoicing. Must have knowledge of corporate governance and securities. At home during a pandemic. High school diploma and paralegal certificate or training or bachelor's degree.

  • Inventory manager

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Create sourcing strategies for business units, negotiate contracts, and resolve supplier issues. Support global resource plans. Manage RFQs and price agreements. Excellent communication skills. 4 years of training. Remotely during a pandemic. 10% of travel.

  • auditor

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Remotely during a pandemic. Manage the annual SOX compliance program and a team of 4-6 senior auditors. Supporting the audit team in external audits; drawing up budgets; carry out risk assessments. Bachelor's degree in a related field. Request a CPA, CIA, CISA or MBA. 20% of the trip.

  • personnel manager

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Develop, facilitate and oversee programs to drive business initiatives for employees in head office branches. You have a bachelor's degree and 4 years of experience in HR. WFH with 5% increment.

  • Customer Service Agent

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    A customer service representative supports order management, maintains customer shipping profiles, and answers questions. This role may be temporarily remote during COVID. Customer service or related experience required.

  • Junior IT Support Analyst

    over 30 days ago

    Remote work option Full-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    (Video) UPSTART Hiring $90,000 To $125,000 Year With No Degree Working From Home | Customer Success!

    The remote contract workstation provides solutions to common known computer issues, investigates, diagnoses/resolves hardware/software issues, participates in process improvement plans and implements service solutions. AA degree and one year of experience required.

  • office assistant

    over 30 days ago

    Temporary job part-time Temporary

    Menomonee Falls, WIApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Looking for office help for temporary part-time work. It will help with office and administrative tasks such as data entry, reporting and greeting guests. Must have a high school diploma or GED.

  • Customer payment processor

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Help with payment processing, administration and special projects. Must be communicative and have an eye for detail. Part-time position.

  • Regional director

    over 30 days ago

    Remote hybrid job Full-time Colleague

    Montgomery, AL, Birmingham, ALApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Full time with the possibility of working remotely. Responsibilities include developing relationships with new and existing customers, taking care of the retention of existing customers, participating in trade fairs and answering basic customer questions. Bachelor's degree required.

  • Social Engagement Coordinator

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Community Coordinator needed for part-time position to coordinate events, support programs, oversee schedules, follow up. Higher education, one year of experience, problem solving skills required.

  • Temporary financial processor

    over 30 days ago

    Temporary job part-time Temporary

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    She will work on a project to register company stores on the federal government website and participate in other special projects of the department. Must be detail oriented with strong data entry skills. Part-time temporary work for a fixed period.

  • Cooperative for year-round inventory accounting

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    It will process returns and invoices, update records, resolve discrepancies and issues, perform reconciliations, prepare inventory. Accounting or related Bachelor's degree, proficient knowledge of MS Office, excellent communication skills required. Part-time work.

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  • Area Coordinator

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Orange, CaliforniaApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Opportunity to work part-time, high school diploma required. Responsibilities include supporting the Regional Vice President of Sales in general HR administration, providing requested reports, coordinating performance reviews and tracking time off.

  • Coordinator services

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Dallas, TexasApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Perform administrative tasks such as posting jobs, processing performance reviews, HR transactions, and monitoring operational and financial reports. Requires a high school diploma/GED and good writing/speaking skills. part-time.

  • PL, praktykant SQL Developer Professional

    over 30 days ago


    Cleveland, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    I am looking for a part-time PL, SQL programmer for a professional internship. This role provides hands-on work experience and exposes candidates to software development and development processes. Must be currently enrolled in college.

  • Intern Human Resources

    over 30 days ago

    Temporary job part-time Temporary

    Walnut Creek, CaliforniaApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    I am looking for a candidate for a part-time, temporary HR internship. She will develop communications, handle expenses, perform various office tasks and arrange schedules. Must be over 18 years of age and a current student.

  • Sales Representative

    (Video) Fast Track to Management Panel

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    West Carrollton, OhioApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Part-time work. Requires a degree and prior customer service and sales experience. Responsible for increasing sales, providing merchandising and sales support, conducting product knowledge training and in-store demos, and completing weekly paperwork.

  • Marketing coordinator

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Oakville, ON, CanadaApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Part-time job requiring an HS degree. Responsibilities include assistance in preparing marketing reports, reviewing training materials and meetings, coordinating trade fair events, archiving and paying invoices. Must be bilingual French/English.

  • Sales accountant

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Woodside, New YorkApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    Take care of daily paperwork, verify the accuracy of incoming orders, and provide excellent customer service to your customers. Part-time position. Must have a driver's license and be able to lighten up to 50 pounds. Basic computer and telephone skills are required.

  • Office technician

    over 30 days ago

    Temporary job Temporary

    Winter Haven, FlorydaApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    I am looking for a detail-oriented candidate for a position that provides support to managers, truck drivers, hauliers, customers and suppliers. Prior shipping and receiving experience is preferred. You must be at least 18 years of age to submit an application. Temporary.

  • Sales accountant

    over 30 days ago

    part-time Colleague

    Fort Wayne, INApplicants must be able to work in the specified city or state

    She will support the paint shop by checking payments, documents, bills and orders for part-time accuracy. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Experience in customer service or sales, preferably a university degree.

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Can you work from home with a remote job? ›

Levels of Remote Work

Hybrid Remote Work: Partial remote jobs either require some travel or some time in the company's office. Option for Remote Work: These jobs give workers the option to either work from home or go into the office—or both.

Is remote work hard to get? ›

Getting a remote job is not so difficult, but it's different from getting a regular job. Some hiring platforms might be overcrowded. But if you're patient and if you're willing to boost your skills regularly, you'll get your turn to shine.

Is remote work in demand? ›

Even though fewer people are working from home now compared to two years ago, it's still not a bad time to find a remote job — and some of the most in-demand roles companies are hiring for come with a six-figure paycheck.

What is a remote home job? ›

Remote work is a work style that does not presume the worker's presence in a physical office. In other words, remote professionals work from wherever they deem fit. Companies can hire remotely in their local community, their country, and all over the world.

Do remote jobs pay for home office? ›

Employers must reimburse California employees for all necessary expenses, including those incurred at the employer's direction. Necessary expenses include internet access and phone bills for remote workers. According to state law, necessary expenditures include all reasonable costs.

How much can you make working remotely from home? ›

How much does a Remote Work From Home make? As of Jun 1, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Remote Work From Home in the United States is $18.31 an hour.

How many hours do remote workers actually work? ›

These remote workers reported having less stress, more focus, and a better work-life balance. The remote workers also worked over 40 hours a week 43% more compared to workers that never worked remotely. It's clear this remote work trend is increasing by the day and could be a key to employee retention.

Why can't I get hired for a remote job? ›

It's not easy to get a remote job due to high competition. Not only do you compete against the local talent, but also against the high-quality talent applying for the same position from across the world. There are hundreds, even thousands, of applications that apply for the same position.

How do I become a remote worker? ›

Now, let's get started!
  1. Ask Yourself if Getting a Remote Job is Actually Right for You. ...
  2. Determine What Really Motivates You at Work. ...
  3. How to Find Your Dream Remote Job. ...
  4. Know What Remote Employers Are Looking For. ...
  5. Write Your Resume for a Remote Job Application. ...
  6. Bring it All Home (and Follow up on Your Remote Job Application)
Feb 25, 2023

What is the highest paying remote salary? ›

7 Highest Paying Remote Jobs (In-Demand Remote Jobs)
  • Web/Software Developer. Average Salary – $100k per year. ...
  • Content Writer. Average Salary – $50k to $70k per year. ...
  • Graphic Designers. Average Salary – $50k to $60k per year. ...
  • Mobile Developers. ...
  • Research Engineers. ...
  • Data Scientists. ...
  • Project Manager.
Mar 15, 2023

What are the top remote jobs? ›

The best remote jobs
  • Accountant. What you'd do: This numbers-based career choice is a strong one, as every business must maintain accurate financial records, statements, and tax returns. ...
  • Customer service representative. ...
  • Medical coder. ...
  • Online marketer. ...
  • Sales representative. ...
  • Software developer. ...
  • Teacher/Tutor. ...
  • Transcriptionist.

Do most remote jobs provide equipment? ›

Depending on your employer, they may provide everything you need for your home office, or just the essentials, like a laptop. Some may not provide the equipment but may reimburse you for the cost of purchasing the equipment yourself.

What skills do you need to work from home? ›

Here are 7 essential skills for remote work.
  • Organizing and planning. When you work from home, there are no colleagues to keep you motivated or managers to monitor your progress. ...
  • Technical knowledge. ...
  • Collaboration. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
  • Teamwork. ...
  • Self-motivation.
Apr 12, 2023

Is working a remote job worth it? ›

Remote work is wise for the budget-conscious.

Full-time remote workers save over $4,000 each year[*] They also earn $4,000 more, on average[*] And 75% of employees working remotely make at least $65,000 per year, putting them in the upper 80th percentile of all employees, home or office-based[*].

What's the difference between work from home and remote? ›

Working from home means you have a home office setup.

Working from home is a type of working remotely, is what I'd say here in order to differentiate that working from home means you have a home office setup, specifically. Working remotely might mean you are working from “anywhere,” which is a broad term!

Do you need a computer to work-from-home? ›

Probably the most important piece of equipment you'll need is a computer. Unless the company you're working with provides a system for you, you should keep in mind the computer specs you'll need to meet your specific job requirements.

Do most jobs give you a laptop? ›

The offer of a work-provided laptop is a common job benefit. Some companies may provide a technology fund or allowance that you can use to help purchase a computer or other devices for work use. For example, a company could provide a $1,000 allowance per year for employee personal equipment purchases.

Can remote workers write off rent? ›

The home office deduction may be one of the biggest work-from-home expenses a self-employed person can take since you can take a deduction that is a portion of your home mortgage interest or rent, property taxes, homeowners insurance, utilities, and depreciation based on the square footage of space used directly and ...

How can I make $100 a day working from home? ›

And the dollars will add up quickly!
  1. Take part in research (up to $150/hour) ...
  2. Get paid to take surveys. ...
  3. Answer questions for money. ...
  4. Get paid to play games online. ...
  5. Get paid to watch videos online. ...
  6. 6. Make an extra $100 pet sitting. ...
  7. Download this app and make money by going online. ...
  8. Become a shopper.
May 15, 2023

Does Amazon pay you to work from home? ›

A Work From Home Amazon Employment in your area makes on average $40 per hour, or $4.68 (13%) more than the national average hourly salary of $35.26. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Work From Home Amazon Employment salaries.

How can I make $1000 working from home? ›

34 MORE Ideas on How to Make an Extra $1000
  1. Tutor Online. is just one of many online platforms that allows you to tutor groups of students in almost any subject. ...
  2. Teach English Online. ...
  3. Transcription. ...
  4. Scopist. ...
  5. Amazon remote jobs. ...
  6. Social media manager. ...
  7. Virtual customer service representative. ...
  8. Fiverr gigs.
Apr 26, 2023

What is the average age of a remote worker? ›

A 2022 survey found that 25 to 35 year old's were the mostly likely to be offered full-time remote work. In comparison, only 29 percent of 55 to 65 year old's reported that they had the opportunity to work remotely full-time.

What companies are moving to remote work permanently? ›

Airbnb, 3M, Spotify and Lyft have all enshrined permanent home-working set-ups. Some firms, like Yelp, have also closed office space: in May, worker-for-hire app TaskRabbit completely closed all its offices, including its headquarters in San Francisco; in April, PayPal shuttered its San Francisco presence.

Is remote work stressful? ›

In addition to the stress some experience from having to learn new skills, the virtual communication reduces much-needed personal contact and can contribute to anxiety and depression. Other challenges include spending the entire working day at home with spouses, children, or aging parents.

How to get a high paying remote job? ›

8 Tips to Land a High-Paying Remote Job
  1. Research the Job Market. ...
  2. Build Your Online Presence. ...
  3. Start Networking. ...
  4. Use Specific Keywords or Phrases on Online Job Search Platforms. ...
  5. Check Out Remote-Specific Job Boards. ...
  6. Customize Your Resume. ...
  7. Explore Hybrid Work. ...
  8. Consider Freelancing.
Feb 27, 2023

Why do some companies hate remote work? ›

One reason big companies don't want their employees to work remotely is they want to keep their employees in the office. This is because it's easier for managers to have control over the people that are physically near them.

Are remote jobs disappearing? ›

Remote jobs are vanishing. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, close to half of Americans worked from home full-time, a significant jump from about 2% pre-pandemic.

What is an example of a remote worker? ›

For example, if you work at home but your employer's offices are ten miles away, you are a remote worker. In a remote working situation or arrangement, the worker does not commute or travel to an office building, warehouse, etc., he or she does not travel to a central workplace.

What should I study for remote work? ›

  • Information Technology. Technological innovations have enabled the rapid growth of home-based jobs, and many of these jobs are in the IT field. ...
  • Website Design and Development. ...
  • Business. ...
  • English or Journalism. ...
  • Hospitality. ...
  • Early Childhood Education. ...
  • Accounting. ...
  • Foreign Languages.

Which state pays the most for remote work? ›

What Is the Average Remote Salary by State
StateAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
New York$73,865$35.51
New Hampshire$68,733$33.04
46 more rows

Do remote workers get paid more or less? ›

Several factors impact whether remote jobs pay less or more, and individual experiences may be vastly different. Whether a remote worker makes more or less depends on the type of job and industry, the employer's financial situation and policies, and how much workers value working from home.

What job can you make the most money from? ›

The highest paying jobs in the U.S. are all in medicine, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Chief executives and airline pilots are also among the highest paid professions.

What is the No 1 city to work remotely? ›

1. Boulder, Colorado. Boulder, Colorado was named as the #1 place to live in the USA in 2021 – 2022 by US News.

What company has the most remote workers? ›

1. CVS Health. One of the nation's leading healthcare companies, CVS Health manages more than 9,500 pharmacy stores and fills more than 1 billion prescriptions a year.

Is it easy to do data entry? ›

It is not hard to be a data entry clerk.

While the position is fairly straightforward to perform, it does require significant attention to detail and consistency in repetitive tasks.

Do remote jobs monitor your computer? ›

Three years later, employee tracking via tools like video feeds and keystroke monitoring software are in fact the norm, according to a new survey of 1,000 companies with remote or hybrid workforces. Only 10% of remote companies monitored employees before the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do employers look for in remote employees? ›

The traits to look for in remote employees stem from them being intrinsically motivated to operate with a high degree of productivity and professionalism. This includes prompt and productive communication, being detail-oriented, and focused on problem-solving and achieving results.

Do companies pay for home office furniture? ›

The employer's reimbursement policies for work-related expenses can also determine which expenses are covered. When an employer pays for home office equipment, though, it is often still the company's property. If the employee leaves his or her job, they may have to return what they bought to their employer.

How can I make a good living working from home? ›

How to make money at home
  1. Become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant (VA) provides clients with administrative services from a remote location, such as a home office. ...
  2. Pet sitting. ...
  3. Sell your possessions online. ...
  4. Tutor students online. ...
  5. Start a blog. ...
  6. Sell services online. ...
  7. Sell consulting services. ...
  8. Launch an online store.
Mar 10, 2023

What work should I do at home? ›

Here are 15 roles you should consider—and where you can find open positions.
  • Customer care or customer service representative.
  • Website tester.
  • Online educator.
  • Virtual assistant or administrative assistant.
  • Captioner.
  • Transcriptionist.
  • SEO specialist.
  • Online therapist.
Jan 14, 2023

How can I work comfortably at home? ›

  1. Maintain Regular Hours. Set a schedule and stick to it... ...
  2. Create a Morning Routine. ...
  3. Set Ground Rules With the People in Your Space. ...
  4. Schedule Breaks. ...
  5. Take Breaks in Their Entirety. ...
  6. Leave Home. ...
  7. Don't Hesitate to Ask for What You Need. ...
  8. Keep a Dedicated Office Space.

What are disadvantages of working from home? ›

Top 7 Disadvantages Of Working From Home
  • Lack of community and teamwork.
  • Lack of Motivation.
  • Unmonitored performance and those frequent breaks.
  • Lack of Office Equipment and Security Concerns.
  • Distractions and lack of a good working environment.
  • Burnout.
  • Risk to productivity.
Apr 27, 2023

Why am I good fit for a remote job? ›

Your reasons could be, for example: You could be more productive by using the time you would spend in commute in planning and working. You are more productive and creative at home. Working in an environment free of distractions ensures your work is more accurate.

Can you live anywhere with a remote job? ›

If you work remotely, you have greater flexibility on where, when, and how you work. This arrangement also gives you greater flexibility on where you call home. You can pick a city you love to live in or switch locations every few months, seeing the world while making a living.

Does remote job mean work from anywhere? ›

Remote work is the practice of employees doing their jobs from a location other than a central office operated by the employer. Such locations could include an employee's home, a co-working or other shared space, a private office, or any other place outside of the traditional corporate office building or campus.

Is it better to work in person or remote? ›

Fully remote companies may also spend less money on expensive spaces or in-office catering. In contrast, office work provides more structure and connection for employees. It makes separating work and home life easier, as there is physical distance between the 2.

Does remote and work from home mean the same thing? ›

While a few years ago, remote work would have been called somewhat the same as work from home but with advancements and the emergence of modern workplaces, remote working is no longer work from home. As per the definition of remote working, remote workers work from anywhere other than an office.

What state are you taxed in if you work remotely? ›

If you have a telecommuting employee in a different state than your location or employees in multiple states, you must withhold income taxes for the state they live and work in. You'll pay unemployment taxes and report their income to the states where they live, not your state.

Can you live in one state and work in another remotely? ›

Most people are domiciled and reside in only one state, but working remotely in another state may change things. A worker may have tax obligations in any state where they reside and possibly the state where their employer's worksite is located.

Is it OK to work remotely from another state? ›

Despite the fact that some remote employees can work from anywhere, many still choose to live and work from home in the same state as their employers. In this case, they will owe income taxes to the state where they work remotely, provided the state collects income tax.

Does a remote job mean you can live anywhere? ›

U.S. National remote jobs can be worked from anywhere in the U.S. Anywhere remote jobs can be done from anywhere in the world. Remote jobs by state lets you find jobs that you can do from specific states in the U.S.

What does remote work look like to you? ›

Remote workers feel empowered more often than in-office workers because they: Create and stick to their own schedule and get their work done without constant supervision. Have the discipline to ignore distractions without being told to get back to work.

What is a hybrid remote job? ›

In a hybrid-remote scenario, there is one or more offices where a subset of the company commutes to each day — working physically in the same space — paired with a subset of the company that works remotely. These institutions are primarily colocated, but allow remote work.

What can remote workers write off? ›

You can deduct $5 per square foot of office space for up to 300 square feet (or $1,500). With the regular method, you'll need to keep records of your eligible home office-related expenses such as homeowners insurance, mortgage interest, utilities and repairs.

Do remote workers pay federal taxes? ›

Remote Work Doesn't Usually Affect Federal Income Taxes

Your employer would withhold taxes from your paychecks just as it did before, no matter where you live and work. “Self-employed people, independent contractors and freelancers can deduct a variety of home office expenses,” Herigstad says.

Can you write off taxes if you work from home? ›

Home Office Tax Deduction for Self-Employed People

Self-employed people can generally deduct office expenses on Schedule C (Form 1040) whether they work from home or not.

How many days can I work remotely from another state? ›

In California, it's 45 days. Some states have a first-day rule, which means that if you work there for even one day, you owe state income tax. So, working remotely in your new home and traveling back to your old office could open you up to tax liability in both states.

Do you get taxed twice if you work out of state? ›

Your income tax liability may change based on the state you're in, but you should expect to file taxes for both states: one return as a resident for the state where you live and a separate return as a nonresident for the state where you work. Learn more about filing taxes as a remote employee.

Can you get double taxed working remotely? ›

Depending on where you're working, where your office is based, and why you're still working remotely, your taxes could get messy. And in some instances, you could be required to pay taxes to two states.

Can I go on vacation while working remotely? ›

Staying connected while you're traveling is of the utmost importance when you're working remotely. And if your travel plans will take you abroad, a travel adapter is one of the most crucial things you can pack.

Which states are best for remote work? ›

Here are the 10 best states for working from home, according to WalletHub:
  • Delaware.
  • Utah.
  • Maryland.
  • Connecticut.
  • New Jersey.
  • District of Columbia.
  • Georgia.
  • Arizona.
Apr 16, 2023


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