Top 10 MDM Solutions for Businesses (2023)

An MDM solution is software. Software that provides centralized control over all mobile devices in an organization. Above all, an MDM solution provides your organization with a single platform of applications and integrated functionality. As a result, you can easily manage all of your MDM efforts. Instead of using twenty or so different tools, everything is grouped and contained in an intuitive interface or dashboard.

MDM do G Suite,MDM do Microsoft Intune, youIBM MaaS360 MDMare just a few of the many MDM solutions on the market that are sold as a service. Certainly all MDM solutions vary in their approach, but they have several features in common. Most MDM tools will allow network administrators to manage resources across multiple mobile devices. The administrator can control features such as:

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BYOD Advantages

It's hard to talk about MDM without also talking about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). I mean, it's now pretty common practice to check work emails on the train, or bring a device across town to help with a presentation. Furthermore, a company has no real reason to resist BYOD. Save money on hardware, improve workplace culture, extend contact hours and increase flexibility.

In short, mobile devices have severed the ties that bound us to our workstations. It is up to a company to use MDM only when considering the above benefits. Additionally, most MDM tools available have cross-platform support, remote configuration, and endpoint management. So you can pair it with the devices in the local office.

Mobile device security risks and the case for an MDM solution

If left unchecked, external devices pose a real security risk. This means that anyone can create security issues within an organization.

For example, imagine if Karen's kids took her work laptop and downloaded a movie. Or a registered phone was lost in a coffee shop. Are there precautions to protect company data in such a situation?cyber securityIt's not something you want to leave to chance.

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Top 10 MDM solutions for enterprises

1. Google Mobile Device Management

BothG suiteand Google Cloud Identity Platform include Google's MDM solution. As both platforms are prolific in all types of businesses, you would be correct in assuming that this is a popular MDM solution.

In the simple management console, you can define policies that will manage all devices in your organization. In addition to MDM features, Google MDM has application management tools. In addition, its integration with cloud identity makes it possible to use existing identity and roles on the platform and enables features such assingle logon.

G Suite MDM is affordable. Most MDM features are included in G Suitebasic plan. For more advanced MDM features, you'll need to upgrade to a Business or Enterprise plan.

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The benefits of G Suite MDM

In the first place,Google's G Suite MDM SolutionIt is agentless for newer devices on all operating systems. With Agentless MDM, enrolling a device does not require installing additional software. If you've set up MDM software before, you'll know firsthand how tedious it can be to walk employees through the enrollment process.

Second, Google MDM integrates with common Google applications. They really took advantage of this integration. One example of many is that companies can create private channels on the Google Play Store to distribute their corporate apps directly to Android devices.

Google has not limited app distribution to the Play Store. You can also distribute enterprise iOS apps through the Apple App Store. However, there are limits to what even Google can do, and this feature is not agentless with iOS devices. In general, the standout features of G Suite MDM include: application distribution, geofencing, policy settings, custom policies, multi-factor authentication, analytics, control over G Suite-specific data, and the ability to lock down incompatible devices.

Is Google's MDM solution right for your business?

If you're a loyal Google user and already use G Suite apps, it makes a lot of sense to click a slider on theGoogle admin consoleand enable Google MDM. Stick with what you got, okay?

do not useG suite? This is still a leading MDM solution and it's not hard to see why. Agentless on all devices, tied into Google's existing ecosystem and managed from a simple user interface.

Google MDM is simple, easy to use, and lets you do things like set custom policies from drop-down menus and collect analytics with Google Trends. All in all, this is not a bad option for your MDM solution. intuneMDM solution

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microsoft intuneis a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform. The MDM side of Intune simply extends all of its functionality to mobile devices and presents them in an orderly fashion. Therefore, administrators and users do not have to worry about the underlying implementation.

The benefits of Intune MDM

Previously, identity management, mobile device management, application management, and all other types of management were sold as separate products. Now companies are bundling them. To differentiate this service from the previous ones, a new term was coined: EMM.

Intune MDM is included with Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security subscription. So while it's no longer a standalone product, you end up with so much more. Also, by itself, Intune gives you the ability to set your own protection policies, remotely manage devices, view system reports and logs, deploy software and updates, manage Office applications, and it also comes with the malware protection engine. from Microsoft.

Also, checkherefor a complete overview of Intune features.

Is Microsoft's Intune MDM solution right for your business?

MDM de IntuneIt used to be available as a standalone product or as an Office 365 add-on. However, it is now included in Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility suite. Heprice fixingfor core features starts at $8.74 per device/per month. Remember that Intune is not limited to MDM features but is packaged as an EMM.

As an MDM solution, Microsoft Intune supports all devices, manages access to business applications, and centralizes control to manage access and security policies.

It has other innovative features like requiring device updates and a secure web browser that can ensure tighter control.

3. Cisco Meraki MDM Solution

Meraki Systems Manageris Cisco's answer to MDM. A notable feature of this MDM is the condensed design that allows everything to be controlled from a single dashboard-style interface.

From the dashboard, admins can enroll user devices, set policies, monitor activity, and whitelist apps. At first glance, Meraki doesn't look as complicated as other MDM solutions, but don't mistake it for missing features. Device registration requires initial setup, depending on the operating system. For example, you need to obtain an Apple Push certificate to use Meraki with an Apple device. There's a lot of documentation, and all that's needed to get a Push Certificate is an Apple ID and following a few prompts. With Android and Windows, there are several methods to enroll devices.

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The benefits of Cisco Meraki MDM

Devices are registered from a central dashboard. Meraki will work with iOS, Android, macOS Windows and ChromeOS devices. Once the initial setup is complete, device registration is as simple as an email link, QR code or Network ID. For Apple devices, there is software you can download called Apple Configurator that will help you register a large number of Apple devices.

Meraki has all the features you need to use it as a complete MDM solution for your business. From the dashboard, you can restrict device functionality, monitor device location, control privileged access, require minimal password complexity, and do everything you'd expect from an MDM.

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It also comes equipped with all the standard features of any decent MDM solution: data and access restrictions, privacy settings, password requirements, app whitelisting, geofencing, disabling cameras and other functionality, multifactor authentication, and remote wipe. .

Is Cisco's Meraki MDM solution right for your organization?

If you're looking for something completely different, this is a decent option. The dashboard interface is intuitive and can be easily navigated, configured and updated (no IT knowledge required). This ease of use makes Cisco MDM a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses that don't necessarily have the resources or need a larger IT staff, but still want control over their mobile devices.

Overall, the Meraki MDM solution is just a small part of the Meraki family of products. Meraki's goal is to be a complete cloud-managed IT solution that operates from a dashboard. Therefore, only with Meraki is it possible to manage endpoints, security and devices. Complete Systems Manager is one of the fastest growing products in the Cisco portfolio. Cisco is a big company, so as you can imagine, this is a very popular product suite.

4. IBM MaaS360 MDM Solution

IBM's MDM solution is included in MaaS360. This is a comprehensive enterprise management tool that will handle identity, endpoints, application delivery and security. If it exists as an enterprise solution, chances are IBM's MaaS360 has an application for that.

MaaS360 also differentiates itself by including Watson: an artificial intelligence that has dedicated its genius to managing endpoints and keeping IBM companies safe.

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The benefits of IBM MaaS360

The standout feature of this MDM solution by far has to be Watson. Watson Advisor is front and center with MaaS360. A grid-like layout will identify the algorithm's findings and divide them into actionable categories: risk exposure, opportunities, and insights.

By searching both structured and unstructured data, Watson can identify endpoint vulnerabilities, malware, suspicious activity and compliance issues.

However, IBM's MDM solution is not just about Watson. It includes many other great features such as: application cataloging, single sign-on, policy enforcement, restriction and blocking devices, additional security software, personal business data segmentation. Also, Watson is used to find any issues with registered devices.

Is IBM's MaaS360 MDM solution right for your business?

IBM MaaS360 is available in four subscription plans starting at $4/client device per month. MDM is only a fraction of this platform's capabilities, but if you're just looking for an MDM solution, it will definitely do the job. Built-in Watson AI can save you a lot of time by identifying vulnerabilities and makes valuable suggestions to improve your cyber security.

5. AirWatch MDM Solution

AirWatch has included EMM capabilities as part of Workspace One. Workspace One is a suite of apps that together form a very compelling business management tool.

Above all, AirWatch simplifies the enrollment process. With the AirWatch MDM solution, employees can quickly enroll their own devices by entering their credentials into an integrated workflow. Alternatively, the administrator can add and manage devices through various device enrollment programs such as Apple DEP, Knox Mobile Enrollment and Android Zero-Touch Enrollment.

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The benefits of AirWatch MDM

Once registered, AirWatch behaves like your typical MDM solution. On the backend, admins can configure MDM policies for device restrictions, access, notifications, and more. These policies can be configured according to the roles of employees and other groups in an organization.

Administrators are supported to enable device-level encryption, hardware security policies, password complexity requirements, app blacklists, WiFi security, sharing permissions, geofencing, and remote blocking.

From the user's point of view, AirWatch MDM doesn't get in the way. Your device may behave a little differently at times and sometimes ask for an extra password, but AirWatch will not slow down employees or interfere with their personal applications. Like all MDM solutions, AirWatch understands the importance of not restricting employee productivity.

Is the AirWatch MDM solution right for your business?

AirWatch's MDM solution is affordable, costing just $5.43 AUD per device/month for basic features. Using the app catalog and accessing the EMM features will cost around $8 AUD. AirWatch's MDM solution is an affordable way to achieve your MDM goals.

6. XenMobile Citrix Cloud MDM Solution

Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service provides a full-featured enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

Driven by concerns that IT could see personal data or wipe everything on an employee's phone without warning, XenMobile took steps to separate corporate and personal applications. XenMobile has released several enterprise applications for secure note-taking, emailing and Internet browsing. All these applications are sandboxed in the Citrix receiving application.

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The benefits of XenMobile

Employees can self-service enroll their mobile devices through an MDM onboarding procedure. First, they can download the XenMobile Enrollment app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Second, after registration is complete, all user and device specific policy apps can be downloaded and installed directly on the mobile device.

Once the user is registered, the admin can push policies to the device and perform other MDM management tasks, wipe corporate data, lock screen, etc. There are also hundreds of predefined policies that can be pushed to the device. This includes: malware protection, security policies, password requirements, app blacklists, Wi-Fi security, role-based access and policies, geofencing, and remote blocking.

Is the XenMobile MDM solution right for your company?

The MDM console provides analytics on all registered mobile devices. At a glance, you can see what percentage of devices have a policy applied, or better understand what corporate apps are being used where.

XenMobile's MDM solution is one of the best on the market. The isolated work environment that separates work apps from personal apps and data will give your employees peace of mind. It's also much easier to enroll new devices, regardless of operating system, with XenMobile's Citrix Cloud than with other MDM solutions.

7. SAP Mobile Secure MDM Solution

SAP Mobile Secure is a supported MDM solution. Administrators can easily add, configure, and update security and access policies. MDM software takes back control of device functionality, so you can turn permissions on and off, secure devices and deploy apps with just a few clicks.

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The benefits of SAP Mobile Secure

In addition to strictly MDM features, SAP Mobile Secure includes tools to handle MAM. For example, this includes a business app store, which provides a familiar user experience for users to download and install the business apps they need.

In addition, SAP Mobile uses application packaging technology to control permissions and secure web and native applications. That means you get mobile device management, mobile app management, policy enforcement and compliance, and a simple self-service experience.

SAP Mobile Secure is one of the most affordable MDM solutions on the market. It costs less than $2 AUD per month/device.

Is SAP Mobile Secure right for your business?

While it's light on the wallet, it's not light on features. SAP Mobile Secure is an effective MDM solution with a strong focus on security and the end-user experience.

Likewise, SAP Mobile Secure can be integrated with SAP Cloud Platform to provide management and security of applications stored in the cloud. Registering new devices is quite simple. A link is sent to the user, which will take them to a self-service portal where they can complete the onboarding process.

8. Jamf Pro MDM Solution

Jamf Pro is another EMM with MDM tools. The difference with Jamf is the strong focus on Apple devices. It's quite impressive. With features like contactless device enrollment through Apple Business Manager or simple user-initiated enrollment for BYOD devices, it's easy to overcome the limitations of Apple Push certificates.

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The benefits of Jamf MDM

Jamf Pro gets Apple devices up and running quickly. This MDM solution will also connect to Active Directory without any additional configuration so employees can use their existing identities and login credentials on their Apple mobile devices.

Jamf features single sign-on, the ability to remotely lock devices, a custom app catalog, device sharing with profiles, manage and configure policies, as well as the ability to optimize inventory data.

MDM device policies typically install software and disable features, but Jamf Pro went further. With just a few clicks, administrators can set policies that automatically connect mobile devices to printers and scanners.

Is Jamf Pro MDM right for your business?

The biggest appeal of the Jamf Pro MDM solution is obviously Apple's approach. If your business primarily uses Mac and iOS devices, you will benefit greatly from this. As a general rule, there tend to be fewer Apple-focused third-party programs, so this is a nice change of pace.

As it is charged per device, just $2 per device/month for basic features, there is no additional cost just to use Jamf Pro MDM for Apple devices and get another MDM for Android and Windows devices. However, there is an overhead cost for the time spent managing two MDM solutions.

9. ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Manager

Mobile Device Manager Plus is an MDM solution that simplifies the management of multiple mobile devices in a BYOD organization. Technically, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager is an EMM solution that includes application management and identity tools. However, the platform has more than enough functionality to handle all MDM tasks including onboarding, device policy management, device shutdown functionality, remote screen locks, and more.

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The Benefits of ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager

First, administrators can initiate enrollment by creating a CSV file that includes all employee details. An email will be sent to all employees on the list asking them to complete the onboarding procedure.

Also, users can subscribe. To do so, they need to login to the server manually. This means writing the server name plus port in the browser's URL. Once there, the registration process is the same for all operating systems.

Furthermore, this MDM solution includes EMM capabilities. Mobile Device Manager Plus separates personal and business applications. Administrators can create an enterprise app catalog and populate it with approved apps that belong to the organization. For example, employees can only download apps they have been approved for, and these permissions can be assigned based on roles and departments.

Is ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager right for your business?

The Mobile Device Managers Plus MDM solution is managed by administrators from an intuitive dashboard. So there's a shallow learning curve, allowing IT to quickly get to grips with how to manage policies, group employees into roles, control security and manage access.

Also, if your company has 25 devices or less, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is free. There's nothing better than free. With more than 25 devices, the standard edition costs $10 per device per year. This is consistent with other MDM software.

This MDM solution has features comparable to other leading MDM solutions. The dashboard layout is clean, intuitive and easy to install and run.

10. Avalanche Mobility Center MDM Solution

The Avalanche MDM solution is designed for supply chains with retailers and manufacturers in mind. Leveraging its Wavelink technology, the Avalanche can be used with barcode scanners, handheld devices and more. For companies in the manufacturing sector, this keeps everything organized and contained in one platform.

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The advantages of Avalanche MDM

First, device enrollment rules must be created to manage device enrollment with Avalanche MDM. Within the enrollment rule, enrollment requirements are specified. If a user needs a username and password, or if an Apple DEP token exists for that user, the administrator configures all of this information.

Above all, the centralized dashboard is the seat of this MDM. From here, admins can schedule updates and manage all of their organization's mobile policies. Avalanche MDM will also collect data and analytics on how mobile devices are used in the organization. This is useful for streamlining employees' workflow. Avalanche provides the ability to schedule and deploy device updates, push apps to devices, segment workgroups, and view analytics and reports.

Is the Avalanche Mobility Center MDM right for your business?

Avalanche is designed for supply chain and retail mobility, with a focus on large-scale deployment. With that in mind, it is naturally better suited to some industries than others.

The cost is also a one-time fee rather than an ongoing subscription. A single license costs $50. This is a lifetime license, so if you use this product for 10 years, it's clearly a cheap solution. But who knows what might be available in 10 years?

Devices can be assigned profiles and profile groups to facilitate policy provisioning and management. As with other MDM solutions, applications can be distributed according to these profiles, ensuring that all employees have the tools they need to do their jobs.

Final thoughts on choosing an MDM solution

When choosing the right MDM solution, it's often about sticking with what you know. In your current workflow, you are probably already using Active Directory or many Google applications. If that's the case, it makes more sense to use the MDM solution offered by that company.

You need to consider your company's devices. An MDM solution like Jamf Pro is great, but it's best suited for Apple devices. What are you going to do with all your Windows phones and Android devices?

After weighing the features, consider the cost. There are two common pricing structures for MDM solutions. Price per device and price per user. See how many devices the average user has? Is it enough to make the higher cost per user more cost-effective?

I hope this post has helped you and you are now in a position where you can choose the best MDM solution for your business.


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