Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (2023)

Review and analysis of the bestMobile Device Management (MDM)) software, including a performance and cost comparison. Choose the most suitable Mobile Device Management services for your business by following the steps below:

What is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution?

Mobile device management services enable companies to solve problems in managing their mobile devices. Businesses can manage the mobile devices and apps they need to run their business using features like device discovery and integration, compliance rules, app services, and more. They can also help protect corporate data running through these devices, allowing organizations to prevent corporate data from running through a machine, or even remotely lock or wipe the device.

Key Features of Mobile Device Management Services

  • Manage mobile business devices in general
  • Authority over business apps and data on mobile devices employees bring from home
  • Every corporate mobile device should have identical applications and security settings.
  • Requirements for highly scalable enterprise mobile endpoints
  • Help a company make data-driven decisions about its mobile devices.

Using Mobile Device Management (MDM) software?

Most of the time, mobile device management services are used by an organization's IT staff. MDM software gives its customers a competitive edge over other types of IT asset management software because it treats mobile devices holistically. IT security teams also use MDM solutions as part of the overall security ecosystem to protect data and ensure business information does not fall into the wrong hands due to a lost or stolen device.

The best MDM solutions

The following is a list of the bestMobile Device Management MDM software solutionsfor 2023:


Microsoft Intune is a mobile device management app that allows users to manage enterprise apps and mobile devices from one place. Although it's part of the management console, it's also available on its own.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (1)

Key Features

  • System logs and reports
  • Policy locations to protect applications from changing configurations
  • Devices to run remotely
  • complete and manage tasks.
  • Consolidated control portal Manage mobile Office apps
  • Engine antimalware from Microsoft


  • The solution needs a way to find a device.
  • The Board of Directors cannot change in any way.
  • He is very dependent on Microsoft products and sometimes promotes them.

Decision:Microsoft Intune is an efficient systems management solution for companies that depend on a Microsoft-centric environment.

Better fora portal for centralized control.

Preis:$6.00 per user per month, with a free trial.


Kandji is a platform for managing and protecting Apple devices. It automates many time-consuming tasks through the use of blueprint templates and automation. IT and security teams can use it to quickly deploy and configure settings. This makes it easier to manage and protect Apple computers and iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (2)

Main feature:

  • Hands-free implementation.
  • Automatic operating system and app updates ensure the security of the devices.
  • NIST, CIS and STIG frameworks integrated into configuration templates.
  • API Server offers enterprise-level extensibility.
  • Developers with Mac admin experience work in customer support.


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  • It only works with Apple products.
  • Annual contract for mobile device management services

Decision:It offers flexible device configuration and management through API integration and custom scripts, all at the touch of a button. Designed specifically for Apple products by engineers who have worked as Apple IT and security administrators and understand your needs.

Better forFacilitate the management and protection of Apple devices.

Preis:Kandji has different pricing for each plan and the users it manages. For more information, ask Kandji directly for a configurable quote.

3. AirDroid

Logistics, Healthcare, IT & MSP, Hospitality and other industries have benefited from AirDroid Business' proven Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (3)

With AirDroid Business you can take care of devices running Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. You can also use other browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. With its user-friendly control panel, it is very easy to add and manage devices. AirDroid Business allows configuration in the cloud or on-premises. This gives your organization many options over how and where sensitive information is stored.

Main feature:

  • Remote access and control
  • Monitoring, alerting and workflow for management and security
  • Mobile Device Management Services for fast file transfer
  • Mobile app management includes installing, removing, and updating apps, as well as testing and launching company-owned apps.
  • Set up kiosk
  • Geofencing and Tracking Policy


  • Currently, AirDroid Business Authorization Console can only manage Android devices.

Better forBest-in-class device management and security for Android mobile devices, kiosks, digital signage, POS systems, unattended devices, rugged devices, custom devices, and more!

Preis:$9.99 to $33.99 per device per year with a free trial that gives you access to all services for 14 days.

4. Scalefusion-MDM

Scalefusion is a solution for managing Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices in companies.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (4)

This makes it easier for IT teams to manage devices and adds features such as application management, content management, automated tasks and updates, scheduled compliance alerts, and a host of other security features.

Key Features:

  • Device management is simplified with an easy-to-learn dashboard.
  • Over-the-air delivery and delivery for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10.
  • Public and private apps can be deployed, managed, and updated.
  • content management
  • Solve problems remotely


  • Patch Monitor is now only available for Windows and does not work when you are offline.
  • Not compatible with Linux support

Decision:Scalefusion MDM is the best way for IT teams of any size and industry to provision, request and manage any size device asset.

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Better forSimplified device management, a cross-platform solution, and an effortless dashboard.

Preis:$2 to $4 per month per device.

5. IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is an enterprise-level mobile device management solution. It comes from a company that is a world leader in computer technology. It enables businesses to manage and protect their devices and provides them with advanced tools to manage applications and content.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (5)

Key Features

  • Simplified device management
  • MDM solution that is secure
  • Rapid implementation of applications
  • Share and edit content securely


  • Desktop mobile devices must be enrolled manually.
  • Windows mobile device management has fewer features compared to other platforms.

Decision:IBM MaaS360 has one of the most trusted management services for mobile devices with cutting-edge management, analytics and security features.

Better forEasier device management and secure features of mobile device management services.

Preis:$4 to $9 per customer per device per month.

6. Exit MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is the name of a powerful mobile device management solution. It has advanced features for more than one platform. You can remotely protect, maintain, and secure all devices connected to your corporate infrastructure, from setup to checkout.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (6)

Key Features

  • Secure device including application information and data.
  • Fast deployment and registration.
  • Obedience/Attention Rules
  • Collaborative App List


  • Users can only set profile information through an older version of the user interface.
  • Unless you intend to use SAML 2.0 and Azure Active Directory, you should use a relaxed user interface.

Decision:Following the principle of basic functionality, Soti MobiControl plays an important role in providing mobile device management services to users.

Better forSet up and register quickly.

Preis:$3.25 to $90 per device per month with a free trial.

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7. JamfPro

Jamf Pro provides mobile device management services tailored for managing Apple devices. It's a great way to automate workflows and processes related to Apple product offerings.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (7)

Key Features

  • The API Integration
  • grown configurations
  • application control
  • TV Support (Apple)
  • School Management Integration (Apple)
  • Compliance-Management


  • This offer is for Apple items only.

Decision:Jamf Pro is an ideal alternative for businesses using various Apple mobile solutions and services. The MDM tool can manage devices in schools, businesses and government and has many powerful customization options.

Better forsophisticated configuration and integration of Apple products.

Preis:$3.33 for an iOS or tvOS device (monthly); $7.17 for a Mac (monthly); Trial version for 30 days.

8. ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Manager

One of the strong mobile device management services is ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus. Businesses can now harness the power of mobility. It enables many essential functions. It's about managing email, apps, mobile devices, and device containers.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (8)

Key Features

  • User-initiated device approvals, mobile device authentication and engagement.
  • Simplification of the application management process.
  • Use profile management to enforce policies.
  • Secure enterprise mobility email


  • It has no geofencing features.
  • Enrolling Windows 10 devices takes a lot of time and effort.

Decision:You must add ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus to your other ManageEngine IT tools. But if you want to integrate more sensible MDM solutions, you have to think about more expensive alternatives.

Better forProfile management and policy implementation.

Preis:Basic is free and Premium costs $10 to $18 per device per year

9. Citrix (ehemals XenMobile) Endpoint Management

Citrix Endpoint Management is a mobile device management (MDM) tool with a full set of features. This provides mobile productivity apps, enhances user experience, and protects devices. Using the tool's robust mobile app and device management capabilities, organizations can protect corporate data.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (9)

(Video) Apple Business Manager Walkthrough and Demo - 2022/2023 Update

Key Features

  • Default Controller Endpoint Governance
  • Innovative micro VPN capabilities
  • Management tasks without human intervention
  • Mobile software management
  • Citrix trusted publication


  • Citrix complicates the management of backend systems.
  • You cannot directly manage Office 365 applications.
  • You have to pay extra for the EMS connection.
  • There is no standard CSV file format for importing users and devices. Flat files are used instead.

Decision:Since it used to be XenMobile, the MDM tool now works with many devices. Citrix's new partnership with Microsoft's EMS suite gives users access to more capabilities.

Better forCustom secure email and micro-VPN capabilities.

price of$3.26 to $27 per device (monthly)

10. Absolut

Absolute is an endpoint security solution. This provides security functions for IT operations and manages and secures all endpoints in an infrastructure. The solution gives users access to advanced endpoint monitoring and management tools.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (10)

Key Features

  • Mobile software management
  • Security, change and configuration management
  • Mobile content management
  • asset list
  • BYOD Policy Control
  • Automatic patch management
  • computer images
  • use maintenance


  • The product is expensive.
  • It focuses solely on security and data policies and lacks other advanced device management features.

Decision:Total and utter is a great option for businesses that need a different security solution for managing mobile devices.

Better forMobile application management.

Preis:Offer-based plan with 30-day free trial.

Choose the best mobile device management services for your business.

InTECHOM systems, we work to improve our customers' technical experiences. We ensure that the information technology meets the business needs of the company.

Top 10 mobile device management (MDM) solutions for 2023 (11)

We offer one of the best mobile device management services for businesses in Australia and Melbourne. TOS mobile device management software services can be found in Australia's largest cities.

Let us know how we canHelpyour needs for mobile device management services.

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