Top 12 mobile device management (MDM) solutions of 2023 (paid and free) (2023)

Smart mobile devices are something employees rely on every day, but they can open up new vulnerabilities in a network.

Remote device monitoring with aMobile device management(MDM) is essential for managing remote devices like smartphones and tablets from one location.

MDM solutions are valuable tools for giving administrators visibility into employee devices.

Our list includes solutions for Windows, Linux and Mac that provide content management, operating system updates, email management and device location tracking for smart mobile devices.

Here is our list of the top twelve MDM solutions:

  1. Kandji EDITOR'S PICKA cloud-based service that reaches devices through agents and specializes in Apple devices. It offers integration, fleet management, security monitoring, asset tracking and patch management. start a14 days free trial.
  2. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus (PRUEBA GRATUITA)A complete enterprise device management suite with on-premises and cloud-based versions. start the30 day free trial.
  3. Scalefusion (FREE TEST)This cloud-based mobile device and endpoint management suite includes monitoring and security services, as well as content hosting and integration. access a14 days free trial.
  4. VMWare Workspace UNOMobile device management solution that can remotely configure device policies, automatically deploy apps, and more.
  5. Unified Management of BlackBerry EndpointsTerminal management solution design compatible with Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Chrome OS.
  6. Citrix Endpoint ManagementMDM solution compatible with Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, Android, Android Enterprise, Chrome OS and Citrix.
  7. QUIT MobiControlTerminal management software compatible with Windows XP, Windows CE, Mac OS, iOS and Android.
  8. IBMMaaS360Enterprise mobility management solution with real-time data usage monitoring, application updates, endpoint device malware detection and more.
  9. cisco merakiIt includes a container system to deliver applications to user-owned devices and also has loss protection procedures in place.
  10. Miradore mobile device managementA cloud-based device manager in free and paid versions.
  11. jamf nowA cloud-based service that only manages iOS devices.
  12. safe beach headA cloud-based UEM that spans iOS and Android mobile devices as well as PC, Mac and portable storage.

Hebest MDM solutions

Our methodology for selecting a mobile device management system for your business

We analyzed the mobile device management software market and analyzed the tools based on the following criteria:

  • An option to configure a fleet of devices in bulk
  • device tracking
  • Device lock and wipe functions
  • Device performance monitoring
  • Options for managing IoT devices
  • A free trial or free demo for a risk-free trial opportunity
  • Value for money in a system that provides a complete mobile device management service at a fair price

With these selection criteria in mind, we identified several systems that perform mobile device integration, tracking, and monitoring.

1. Kandji (FREE HEADS)

Kandji.iois an expert in administeringapple devices. This includes Mac desktop and mobile devices. The package's fleet management features include systems integration and upgrade management.

Main features:

  • Mac and mobile devices
  • Integration features
  • Parchar
  • Compliance with data privacy standards
  • Software inventory management

unique feature

This is an exclusive offer for companies that have all Macs for their endpoints and iOS devices distributed to employees. The suite allows you to unify the treatment of all the devices your users have with integration, tracking, application of security policies and remote blocking.

Why do we recommend it?

HeKandjiThe system provides a cloud-based platform for Apple device management that allows you to control device security to prevent your business data from falling into the wrong hands.

The configuration of a group of devices is planned in a system calledplans. You can create the same Blueprints for different models of mobile devices because the features you include in one of these plans are related to apps and access rights, which sit on top of the operating system and are not hardware dependent. You don't need to apply the same Blueprint to all devices, so you can create different plans for different groups of users.

Kandji package features include security services such as configuration lock and vulnerability scanning. The system includes a patch manager that allows each device user to decide when to run the update batch. Administrators can script security monitoring and maintenance automation by building workflows from a selection of pre-written templates.

User accounts can be purchased from third-party applications, so you can import accounts you've already set up on systems such asLooseookta. This allows you to easily create a single sign-on environment for all your mobile devices and also coordinates access rights to local Macs.

Who is it recommended for?

Kandji's focus on Apple devices is interesting, but it reduces the potential customer base for this service. If you have Windows PCs on your site, or if you allow BYOD for users with Android phones, you'll need to switch to other unified endpoint management tools to keep an eye on them.


  • Integrates with third-party systems to create a single sign-on environment
  • Allows the creation of Blueprints, which are software profiles for groups of devices
  • Allows users to switch between local Mac and mobile devices
  • Automated updating of software and operating systems.
  • Includes templates to support the creation of automated maintenance workflows


  • It will not manage Windows, Linux or Android devices.

Set up an account on the Kandji website and downloadan agenton each of the devices you subscribe to the service, so there are both cloud and device elements to this system. Pricing is determined by the type of plan chosen and the number of users managed. You can contact the Kandji team for a custom quote. You can also register for a14 days free trial, which begins with a demonstration of the Kandji service rating system.


Kandjiis our top pick for a mobile device management solution because, along with standardized device management procedures, the system allows administrators great flexibility. The environment supports the creation of automated workflows to monitor systems and detect changes. You can set up time-based or action-based triggers to run these automated processes and keep your mobile fleet secure and up-to-date.

Download:Start a FREE 14-day trial

Official site:

operational system:cloud based

2. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus (PRUEBA GRATUITA)

ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Managerit is afree MDM solutionthat canmonitor desktop computers, laptops, smartphones,ypills. The software is compatible with several operating systems, includingWindows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS,yAndroid. Through the customizable dashboard, you can monitor the status of smart mobile devices, giving you complete visibility into the connected devices your employees bring to work.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android.
  • remote device control
  • device scan
  • Ready-to-use reports

unique feature

The differential of the ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus system is that its free edition is very generous, allowing you to monitor up to 25 devices without paying anything. There are many small businesses that will be able to operate successfully within this limit.

Why do we recommend it?

In addition to your free tier,ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Managers is an impressive package because it offers a variety of mobile device management solutions such as BYOD containerization and remote tracking and blocking for managed devices.

The mobile asset management experience you deliverManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Managerit's very complete. HepanelIt also lets you view additional information about devices, including device owners, installed apps, and more. You can schedule regular device scans to keep this information up to date.

If there is a problem with a device, you can use remote troubleshooting to take control of the device andfind the root cause of the problemIn real time. The administrator can use remote chat to communicate with the end user of the device. Chat can also be used toissue security commands.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is a complete enterprise mobile management suite that comes in on-premises and cloud-based versions. It includes a configuration manager for single or bulk device configuration, and there is also a self-registration application that you can use to program your device registration. You can also set different policies for company and user devices.

It is a mobile device management solution for device management compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android.

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Who is it recommended for?

Mobile Device Manager Plus is suitable for companies of all sizes. The UEM system allows desktop computers running Windows and macOS to be included in the management scheme alongside mobile devices running iOS, Android and Chrome OS. The system can also manage IoT devices. The only problem is that it doesn't include managing Linux computers.


  • Designed to work right out of the box, it features over 200 customizable widgets to create unique dashboards and reports.
  • Take advantage of automatic discovery to find, inventory and map new devices
  • Use smart alerts to reduce false positives and eliminate alert fatigue in larger networks
  • Supports email, SMS and webhook for multiple alert channels
  • Integrates well into the ManageEngine ecosystem with your other products


  • It is a feature-rich tool that will require an investment of time to learn properly.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Managerrecommended for companies that want a free mobile device management solution. softwareFree for up to 25 devices.ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device ManagerIt is available on-premises (for Windows) and in the cloud. For pricing information, you must request a custom quote directly from the company. You can download the30 day free trial.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Start a FREE 30-Day Trial

3. Scalefusion (FREE TEST)

scale fusionis a cloud-based unified endpoint management system that includes mobile device management forAndroidyiOSmobile and kiosk systems for salesrooms and rugged devices for field testing.

Main features:

  • A variety of integration strategies
  • Tracking, blocking and deletion
  • Content and application management

unique feature

Scalefusion's app store feature is unique as it allows you to create your own app store for your company's custom apps. By embedding a mobile device, you activate a script that pulls apps from the appropriate app store, including your own.

Why do we recommend it?

While all MDM packages offer onboarding, tracking, blocking, and deletion, MDM provisioning capabilitiesscale fusionthey are exceptional. This tool's ability to mirror iOS and Android device screens for troubleshooting support is also a very useful tool for technicians that other MDMs lack.

The cloud service includes aapp storagespace for you to create profiles and configure your internal apps on the Scalefusion App Store. This allows you to define integration routines to download apps from official app stores along with your own apps.

Once the devices are up and running, you can communicate with them viaduplicate screenfor maintenance issues. Scalefusion's Help Desk module integrates with third-party Service Desk utilities to manage tickets.

Security measuresin the Scalefusion suite include device tracking, vulnerability scanning for user-owned devices, and remote lock and wipe for managed devices. You can also host your content on the Scalefusion server and deliver it through a remote access viewer, without the need to download the files.

Who is it recommended for?

While Scalefusion's per-device pricing makes this end-to-end MDM affordable for companies of all sizes, the technical tools in this system make it particularly interesting for large organizations or managed service providers that maintain teams of help desk technicians.


  • Deliver apps and data in a container mode to user-owned devices
  • Includes device inventory management and software inventory control
  • Provides patches and device security checking to prevent vulnerabilities.


  • The services in this package are more complete for mobile devices than for desktop computers.

Scalefusion also manages endpoints that runwindowsyMacOS. This system is a subscription service with three plan levels, all with a per-device-per-month fee. HeTo startthe package costs $2 per device per month when paid annually. You can get to know the Scalefusion system by accessing a demo. Why don't you check out Scalefusion for yourself on a14 days free trial.

Scalefusion MDM Access FREE 14-day trial

4. VMware Workspace UNO

VMWare Workspace UNOis a mobile device management tool that can be used to manage devices remotely. WithVMWare Workspace Unoyou can bulk configure devices with theApple Device Enrollment Program, Meet Mobile Enrollment,yEnrollment without Android intervention.

Main features:

  • Configure devices in bulk
  • Deploy apps automatically
  • Use the onboarding workflow to add new devices

unique feature

VMware is a leader in virtualization and that experience, applied to unified administration of endpoints withworkspace one, produces an exceptional virtual desktop service that can be accessed from any device, including mobile. Whether the device belongs to the user or the company, a hypervisor keeps all corporate assets away from the device's operating system.

Why do we recommend it?

VMware Workspace Oneoffers a sophisticated solution for managing desktop computers and mobile devices that can be owned or managed by the user. By treating each device as a support system for a VMware operating system, the tool standardizes application delivery by attaching the desktop to the user's account instead of the device.

To manage the devices, you canconfigure policiesthat determine constraints and assign them to devices. You can distinguish between devices and assign them based on operating system or ownership type. Ownership types are divided into BYO (Bring Your Own) and Company-Owned so you know which devices are company-owned and which are employee-owned.

The platform also allowsautomatically push apps to devices. This means you can buy applications in bulk and efficiently deploy them without wasting time. When it comes to adding new devices, users can enter credentials into aintegration workflowadhere to the management solution.

Who is it recommended for?

VMware offers a flexible pricing structure with per-user and per-device options that make this service accessible to businesses of all sizes. Virtualization is widely used these days and any system administrator who has already learned how it works will have no problem understanding the Workspace One suite.


  • Supports platforms such as Apple Enrollment and Android Zero Touch
  • Great for managed devices and BYOD environments
  • You can create workflows and policies with little platform knowledge


  • It may take some time to explore the product.

VMWare Workspace UNOit is suitable for companies of all sizes and comes in a variety of pricing options due to its seven editions. Pricing starts at $1.66 (£1.33) per device and $3.00 (£2.40) per user. you can try the30 day free trialto manage up to 100 devices.

Workspace One is a cloud-based service and you can get a 30-day free trial.

5. Unified Management of BlackBerry Endpoints

Unified Management of BlackBerry Endpointsis an endpoint management solution designed to monitor Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Through a centralized user interface, you can view asummary of devices, users,yFormsin use throughout your network. The tool is compatible with operating systems includingWindows 10, MacOS, iOS, Android,yChrome OS.

Main features:

  • Manage Device Policies
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows and Mac OS
  • Activate uses with a QR code (iOS and Android only)
  • Available on-premises and in the cloud

unique feature

Using a QR code for onboarding is quite unique and makes self-service registration very easy for users with their own devices to implement. The tool can also manage corporate devices along with BYOD.

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Why do we recommend it?

emu blackberryoffers a cloud-based service, but you can also choose to get it as a software download and host it yourself. Its ability to centrally manage corporate users and devices is useful, and its ability to include Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS devices is also useful. Unfortunately, like many other options on this list, BlackBerry UEM cannot manage Linux devices.

Policy management withUnified Management of BlackBerry Endpointstoo easy. He canmanage policies, users, groups,yFormsin the console Tasks you can complete, including assigning applications to user accounts, distributing applications to containers, and configuring native applications.

Onboarding of new usersIt's also incredibly efficient, with the option toactivate new devicesacrossQR codeforiOSyAndroidUser groups can also be linked to Active Directory toautomatically add new users. There is also the option to separate work from personal activities with various activation types such as work and personal devices and work only.

Who is it recommended for?

BlackBerry's presentation for its UEM highlights the system's suitability for use with IoT devices. However, it is also designed to manage desktop computers and mobile devices. While other systems don't list this feature in their title, many of the packages on this list have the same IoT management features.


  • Elegant and highly customizable interface
  • Cross-platform support with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Available on-premises and as a cloud service


  • Would like to see more mobile security options
  • Best suited for corporate networks

Unified Management of BlackBerry Endpointsis a robust MDM solution that is available on-premises and in the cloud. To view pricing information, you must request a quote directly from the sales team. He canstart free trial.

6. Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix Endpoint Managementis one of the best MDM solutions that allows users to monitor devices, applications and platforms from a single console. WithCitrix Endpoint Managementyou can monitorWindows 10, Mac OS, iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, Android, Android Enterprise, Chrome OS,yCitrixGenericName.

Main features:

  • Remote monitoring and device management
  • Machine learning and analytics
  • Integrations with Azure Active Directory and Okta

unique feature

Citrix rivals VMware in the field of virtualization and takes a similar approach for its UEM system. The most outstanding feature of this tool is that it assesses the security posture of each device before allowing access to commercial content on each request.

Why do we recommend it?

Citrix Endpoint Managementcovers desktop and laptop computers as well as smartphones and tablets. If you are using the Citrix environment for your website, this package includes mobile devices.

The software was created to help the user to monitor user behavior.Citrix Endpoint Managementuses user context controls based onpaper location,odeviceto ensure confidential data is not compromised. The solution is smart, withmachine learningyanalysisto help identify high-risk user behavior.

Who is it recommended for?

Controls over data access are particularly strict with these packages. So, if you need to allow roaming employees to access business data on a regular basis, you can improve system security using this tool.


  • Supports a wide range of monitoring environments from Windows 10 to Citrix
  • Monitor user behavior to identify insider threats and proactively block high-risk users
  • Ideal for large environments that need to support multiple types of devices


  • Best suited for corporate networks

Citrix Endpoint ManagementWorth considering if you're looking for cross-platform device management, with compatibility with Citrix infrastructure. To view pricing information, you must contact the sales team directly for a quote. He canrequest a demo.

7. EXIT MobiControl

QUIT MobiControlis an endpoint management solution that can monitor devices from 170+ providers in a single location. Compatible Devicesband EXIT MobiControlincludeWindows XP, Windows CE, Mac OS, iOS,yAndroid.

Main features:

  • remote viewing
  • Remote Control
  • Integrations with Apple DEP, Android Auto Enrollment, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot and Zebra StageNow
  • Use scripts to perform management actions

unique feature

This package's remote viewing and remote control capabilities compete heavily with the technical tools of Scalefusion, which is the only competitor that comes close to this system in terms of mobile device support capabilities.

Why do we recommend it?

QUIT MobiControlIt is capable of supporting IoT devices and desktop computers as well as mobile devices and focuses on enforcing security on corporate devices.

When monitoring the device, users can choose betweenremote viewingoRemote Controlto take control of devices for a more hands-on approach to performance issues. there is also achatwhich allows the administrator to communicate with the end user of the device.

The software can also be used for mobile content management forsecure filesyweb content. AcrossSOTI center app,you can uploadMicrosoft Office filesand determine which users have access to resources. The app is very useful for managing file access to ensure that only relevant employees can view confidential information.

Heapplication management featuresofQUIT MobiControlthey are also very useful. Administrators can control which apps are allowed throughblack listsywhitelists. Blacklisting non-work related apps helps ensure teams stay productive.

Who is it recommended for?

This system aims to manage devices acquired by the company with strong security and optimization of data transfer performance. It's a good option if you often have trouble connecting to devices in areas with poor signal quality.


  • Supports 170+ devices from different vendors
  • Allows technicians to manage devices and even control them remotely
  • Supports access auditing


  • Ideal for MSPs and larger networks

QUIT MobiControlIt is recommended for teams looking for MDM solutions with clear visibility connected with remote control capabilities. However, you must request pricing information directly from the company. You can start the30 day free trial.

8. IBM MaaS360

IBMMaaS360is an enterprise mobility management solution that supportsWindows, Mac OS, Android,yiOS devices. SwindlerIBMMaaS360You can monitor device data usage in real time and push updates to mobile apps from a centralized location. Application updates can be deployed towindowsyMacOSdevices for applications such asJava, Adobe, Flash, Apple iTunes,and more.

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Main features:

  • Real-time data usage monitoring
  • Malware detection and correction
  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • Single sign-on for web and cloud apps

unique feature

IBM has evolved its MaaS360 brand to become a security suite. Manage BYOD and proprietary mobile devices, as well as endpoints and IoT devices.

Why do we recommend it?

IBMMaaS360is a complete enterprise UEM suite with very strong security measures, including malware scanning.

Device security features included inIBMMaaS360They are one of your biggest assets. The device platform candetect and fix malwarein endpoints. Being able to detect malware on devices provides an extra layer of mobile security that helps prevent endpoints from being compromised and putting your data at risk.

if you are lookingmonitor IoT devicesthenIBMMaaS360it is a natural choice. The platform can monitor Google android, android stuff, microsoft windows 10,yWindows IoT Devicesimplement security policies to protect devices from causing security risks.

Who is it recommended for?

The features of MaaS360 with its ability to monitor and secure almost any type of device a company might use makes it a good choice for large and complex corporations. However, it provides per-device pricing, making it affordable for small businesses.


  • Created with companies in mind
  • Good choice for anyone looking to monitor IoT devices
  • Can detect and defend against malware


  • Ideal for MSPs and larger networks

IBMMaaS360is one of the most user-friendly tools on this list, with a high-quality device management console that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes. youBMMaaS360Pricing starts at $4 (£3.25) per device per month and $8 (£6.50) per user per month. You can start the30 day free trial.

9. Cisco Meraki

Top 12 mobile device management (MDM) solutions of 2023 (paid and free) (10)
Cisco Meraki covers managing laptops and desktops as well as smartphones and tablets. This system management console is very attractive and includes a map that shows the location of all managed devices in your company. However, you cannot manage Wi-Fi or IoT-enabled office equipment such as printers.It will communicate with devices running Windows, macOS, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Chrome OS and Samsung Knox..

unique feature

Cisco Meraki allows you to create a unified network from multiple sites and cloud resources through SD-WAN and SASE configurations. The tool allows you to include mobile devices and IoT in this network.

Why do we recommend it?

cisco merakiis a very sophisticated virtual networking system that, despite its underlying complexity, presents a simple network in its administration console. You can assign IP addresses in a single address space across your company's various sites and treat mobile devices as part of that structure.

The basis of MDM is a secure communication channel encrypted by AES with a 256-bit key. Application communication is protected by a VPN, which is enforced on a per-application basis.

Settings may vary based on device type, user profile, or ownership model. These groups of devices can be mass configured, but there is always the possibility of individual configuration.Users with their own devices can apply to be included in the network. The delivery method for applications and data files is called Backpack. The central administrator creates a file package and issues access permissions to groups, individuals or the entire network. These packages will be delivered to devices owned by users once they are enrolled and added to a user group.

All rights to lost or stolen cell phones can be revoked and remotely blocked or erased.Meraki automatically tracks mobile plan usage, so excessive activity can be identified from live reports and stolen devices can be disconnected from phone and data services immediately.

Who is it recommended for?

Large companies with multiple sites would take full advantage of the Cisco Meraki service. It's also a good tool for ensuring the inclusion of user-owned devices, securely delivering off-network applications and data in containers.


  • Secure communications with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Supports BYOD enrollment
  • Supports remote wipes for stolen devices


  • I would like to see better data visualizations
  • Not compatible with IoT devices

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10. Miradore Mobile Device Management

Top 12 mobile device management (MDM) solutions of 2023 (paid and free) (11)

HeMiradore mobile device managementpackage is an online service andIt's free. Miradore actually has three tiers of service, with the two highest plans available for a fee. These paid plans consist of thebusiness edition, which costs $1 per device, and theEnterprise Edition, which costs $2 per device. All plans can manage Windows 10 and macOS computers and iOS and Android mobile devices.

unique feature

While ManageEngine Mobiel Device Management Plus has an excellent free edition for up to 25 devices, Miradore trumps this offering by making its free edition available for unlimited devices.

Why do we recommend it?

Miradore mobile device managementincludes a complete suite of desktop and mobile device management services, including security monitoring. While the free tier is a pretty good package, the paid version adds more secure communication options like a container system, and also provides patching, device tracking, blocking, and wiping.

With free MDM, you get almost all device security features available in all Miradore plans. These includeEnd-to-end encryption and remote control capabilities. These remote access features allow you to lock or wipe a lost device, reset its password, or even bypass any user-defined hardware password. You can make the device sound an alarm, which is useful for helping a user locate a misplaced device or deter a thief.

A map on the dashboard shows you exactly where all your devices are located. The device can send notifications of any status changes to the control console.

The setup process with Miradore is based on enrollment. That is, you don't configure every device, but invite each user to configure the device with the Miradore client to access your network. These settings can includesecure email apps, Wi-Fi protection, and a VPN service. VPN is only available for iOS devices.

If you want to include mobile app management, sign up for the enterprise plan. Containerization, which partitions user-owned devices to allow only company-approved apps to access business resources, is reserved for the Enterprise plan. Creating business policies to enforce different usage procedures based on device type/ownership is only available with the Enterprise package.

Many of the features included in the standard plans of the other MDMs on this list are reserved for the more expensive Mirador package. Although,even the most expensive Miradore plan with all the security and MAM extras of the other plans is still one of the cheapest options on this list.

Who is it recommended for?

The free version of Miradore is suitable for anyone. However, the excellent security and process automation features of the Mobile Device Management package are reserved for the paid plan. Unfortunately, despite offering mobile and terminal management, this service cannot manage Linux devices.


  • Offers three flexible pricing options
  • Encrypt VPN Communications
  • Provides security features as a plug-in


  • It offers a wide range of features that may take some time to fully explore.
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11. Jamf Now

Top 12 mobile device management (MDM) solutions of 2023 (paid and free) (12)

Jamf Now is a mobile device management system that only controls iOS devices. This is a cloud-based system priced per device. The service is free for the first three devices.

unique feature

Jamf Now is a great service for managing iOS devices. It provides processes for managing own devices and other routines for handling BYOD. Both ownership models can be managed from the same console.

Why do we recommend it?

jamf nowhe is equally proficient in corporate and BYOD device management. The service is a good option due to its ability to protect devices and prevent lost or misplaced phones from being at risk of data disclosure.

The device setup process revolves around “plans.” Each blueprint represents a standard configuration. You can create groups of devices and assign a different plan to each one. You can then request configuration of these groups of devices, configuring them all in bulk.

An alternative method to add devices is theregistration process. This requires the device owner to create an account for the network by accessing a custom enrollment page. After registration is complete, device configuration begins, giving user-owned devices the same level of security as company-owned devices.

Remote monitoring of devices can be automated, providing alerts when risky conditions occur, such as jailbreaking or unauthorized software installation.A complete inventory of devices on your network can be displayed on the dashboard. Details include additional storage capacity, a list of installed apps, and the device's serial number.

Each device can receive a password centrally and two-factor authentication can be used with Jamf Now.You can enable a lost mode, which will lock the device and make it report your location.. You can also remotely wipe devices.

Who is it recommended for?

The big restriction of the Jamf Now service is that it only manages iOS. If you're prepared to have multiple device management tools running in parallel, you can integrate Jamf Now into your toolset. However, this strategy does not make sense when there are other competent tools available that offer more operating systems.


  • Enjoy an elegant and intuitive dashboard interface
  • Use playbooks and blueprints to create device policy templates
  • You can recover lost devices and protect them from data theft


  • It is only compatible with iOS devices

Jamf Now is an interesting system and thefree service for three devicesIt's very tempting for sole proprietors, partnerships and startups on a tight budget. Limiting the service to just iOS devices can make this option too limited for your business.

12. Safe Beach Head

safe beach headis a cloud-based MDM for Android and iOS devices. General service is a platform that offers modules to ensuremesas,Mobile devices, youusb storage. The platform is offered as a managed service and is marketed as a tool that managed service providers can sell to their customers. You can also get the package and run it yourself, whether you're a managed service provider or a corporation that wants to use the package internally.

unique feature

The unique feature of this package is that it is available as a managed service. You can also choose to run the system yourself. It is a security services platform for terminals, mobile devices and USB sticks.

Why do we recommend it?

safe beach headis a platform that provides security modules for Windows and macOS terminals, Android and iOS mobile devices, and USB devices. Take out all three modules or just one.

The service dashboard is accessed through the web browser. Configure your mobile devices remotely and in bulk, applying different policies to groups of devices.Lost devices can be remotely wiped and devices showing suspicious activity can be quarantined.

The service includes device location tracking and you can apply password protection to add an extra layer of security in case they go missing. You can change these passwords remotely to create an instant lockout in case of problems.

All communications within your company's network are protected by encryption. While direct access to applications through the cloud is not covered by this protection, you can route access through your company's server to apply the layer of security to application and data access. Encryption can also be applied to data stored on the device.

This is a lightweight option for small businesses and cloud don't need to run a large network or hire a system administrator to use this service. The ability to include a USB stick in the coverage is unique and applies encryption that only you and your employees can decipher. This is a great solution to the problem of losing confidential data along with lost USB flash drive.

Who is it recommended for?

This package is the best choice for managed service providers. You don't manage the service yourself, you just register your customers, pass them on to the Beachhead team and receive a commission.


  • Supports PCs, laptops and mobile devices
  • Administration can be accessed via web browser
  • Can alert administrators of suspicious activity


  • Best suited for smaller networks
  • Primarily intended as a managed service

Choosing the right mobile device management system

The growth in the use of mobile devices and the constant search for IoT devices has changed the reality of network monitoring. Monitoring mobile devices is now as important as managing computers. MDM software solutions ease the process of remote network monitoring by allowing one location to control all devices across the entire network.

Our editor's choice for this article isManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Managerbecause it supports businesses with an easy to navigate user interface and a free package. Other options likeAirWatch Workspace ONEyUnified Management of BlackBerry EndpointsThey are also prominent alternatives.

Taking a proactive approach to monitoring mobile devices allows you to eliminate potential entry points into your network and keep your data safe. If you're not already monitoring mobile devices, consider investing in a solution.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions FAQ

Are MDM tools compatible with all types of mobile devices?

The important factor for compatibility between MDM systems and mobile devices is your operating system, not your device type. An MDM that can manage Android devices can interact with smartphones and tablets. This is because the set of commands MDM uses to manage devices depends on the operating system.

Why do few people know about mobile device management?

Mobile devices are considered personal property that moves with the user, and MDM software is a corporate service. Many companies focus on fixed equipment accessing their network from inside their buildings and don't realize that the mobile devices they have can be used to gain access to their data. Businesses are now realizing that they have the right to control any device that uses their network resources, even if they are owned by the people using them.

Will my employees know if we use mobile device management on their phones?

If the phones are company-owned, the MDM endpoint software, including tracking, locking, and wiping utilities, will already be installed when handed over to the employee. Therefore, the presence of MDM controls is not obvious. However, it is good practice to make a usage agreement with the employee prior to handing over the phone which should detail permitted usage, rights and obligations. When a user-owned device is added to the corporate network, the user will need to install an application and this process will include a consent screen that must be accepted prior to loading the access software. This will include details on what the company can do with the employee's phone.


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