Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (2023)

The popularity of Android MDM has increased sinceandroid 13It will introduce its new enterprise features in September 2023. The latest version features clearer work profile navigation, a more transparent display of company policies that work on the device, and more Wi-Fi control for the admin.

Improved security and functionality are driving more companies to adopt BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COPE (Own Business Enabled Personal Use) policies with Android to help work and pursue Android MDM solutions at the same time.

In this article, we are going to delve into Android mobile device management. In addition, we will explore the top 7 software to manage and secure Android devices for business.

  • Part 1: What is Android MDM (Mobile Device Management)?
  • Part 2: What is Android MDM for? What are the main features?
  • Part 3: Top 7 Android MDM Solutions
    • 1. AirDroid Business
    • 2. ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Manager
    • 3.Microsoft Intune
    • 4. Mirador
    • 5. Scale Fusion
    • 6. MDM do Google Workspace
    • 7. IBM MaaS360 security with Watson
  • Part 4: How to choose the best Android MDM software for your company
  • Part 5: Sample Android MDM Configuration
  • common questions

Part 1: What is Android MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

Talking aboutAndroid MDMit is impossible to moveandroid company(formerly Android for Work), an open source API program for developing device management software.

Why say this? Android Enterprise is the starting point for the growth of the Android MDM ecosystem. Convert Android devices to meet work needs and enable MDM software marketplace. Since COVID-19 popularized remote work mode, companies demand more enterprise-use tools for management, so MDM for Android has taken off.

So, to define it, Android MDM refers to tools that provide capabilities to secure and manage Android devices in one console and are built on top of the Android Enterprise APIs.

Its users are usually the organizations IT department and can be used to manage:

  • Devices used by employees (including employee- and company-owned) such as smartphones, tablets, POS, ruggedized devices, etc.
  • Devices used by customers, such as a kiosk,Digital signature, etc

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (2)

Part 2: What is Android MDM for? What are the main features?

Due to open source resources and diversity of applications in the market, Android mobile devices suffer more cyberattacks than iOS. Additionally, the workplace now features a mix of smartphones and tablets in the post-Covid-19 era for remote work. Mobile devices are prone to cyber security threats like malware, spyware, data leaks and the like. Therefore, companies should invest in Android device management tools to help maximize security and improve work productivity.

Specifically, it is used for:

1insurance company data

You can use Andriod MDM solutions to implement security best practices within the enterprise. With them, the IT department can remotely control devices within the system and protect Android devices from online threats.

Features that help:

  • Policy - OneMDM Policyit is a set of rules that dictate how your employees must use the devices inside the establishment. For example, you can set up rules to reset password, block file transfer and insecure network connectivity, etc.
  • Remote control: Remotely wiping and locking a connected device will help if the device is lost or stolen.
  • Application Management: The role is responsible for blocking or allowing certain applications on the registered device and managing permission to use these applications. It is useful to prevent malware and misuse by employees.
  • Monitor and Report: Android MDM software will monitor device health and user logs. Administrators can read an analytics report through the console that contains information such as how their employees are using connected devices and apps, mobile data usage, and any violations of established MDM policies.

2Improve work efficiency

This is another reason to use Android MDM providers. Admin can use it to offer job specific applications according to groups. In addition, some of the providers, such asAirDroid MDM, they can run the predefined tasks automatically.

Features that help:

  • Kiosk Mode: Blocking feature limits usage of apps and browsers. If you want to improve employee efficiency, blocking access to non-work related apps and websites is useful. Also, kiosks and digital signage are common objects to use thekiosk modeand admin can remotely lock device screen in bulk.
  • Geofencing: A map feature is included to monitor device location and enable device fingerprint tracking. Generally, Geofencing is suitable forcompany-owned devicesthat are assigned to employees, like Android tablets for truck drivers.
  • Remote File Management: Share or delete files online with data encryption.

3Balancing employee privacy and work data

Android offers abuilt-in security featuredesignated work profile on these GMS (Google Mobile Services) devices. Once the feature is set up, the admin can choose to access the work profile space without interfering with the employee's privacy. And the MDM solution will only control device settings and apps in the work profile.

Separate management of personal and work data satisfies both the company and the employees.

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (3)

Part 3: Top 7 Android MDM Solutions

Depending on the Android MDM solution you choose, features will vary. Each solution has its advantages and allows you to do many different things with one piece of software. Let's take a look at some of the top-rated tools on the market.

1AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business is one of the best Android MDM tools on the market. This tool offers a number of wonderful features.EMM servicessuch as deployment, management, monitoring, remote control and support for your Android devices.

This system is not just limited to smartphones. Still, you can also control interactive kiosks, standalone devices, ruggedized devices, POS devices, tablets, or even any custom device you might have in your company (as long as it runs on Android).

AirDroid MDM pricing packages are incredibly flexible for SMBs and even large enterprises, from $12 to $33 per device per year. You have a 14-day free trial period and cantry all features during the period.

AirDroid Business has a very impressive G2 rating of 4.6. To read comments, clickhere.

(Video) Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions


  • Affordable prices
  • Remote control and remote support
  • On-premises and cloud deployment available
  • Support for multiple Android endpoint devices
  • Full device visibility
  • Easy to use


  • android alone

Try all MDM features for free

2ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Manager

For a comprehensive mobile management experience, you can choose ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus. This open-source Android MDM tool provides remote access, geo-tracking, device management interface and user provisioning, and you can add a custom toolkit.

It allows you to manage and control different types of devices, whether computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome OS and Windows.

There are two pricing packages. The cloud version costs $2 per device per year, while the local package costs $15 per device per year. It has a 30-day free trial period.

This MDM has a G2 rating of 4.5. To read comments, clickhere.


  • resource rich
  • customizable widgets
  • Works well with other products.


  • It's hard to learn
  • Some features may not be useful.

3microsoft intune

This is a cloud-based MDM solution for Android that ensures your devices and data are secure, while giving you the flexibility to choose and scale. Some of the tool's best features include remote malware scans, personalized employee notifications, analytics and reporting, and automated software updates.

Microsoft Intune is supported on Windows, macOS, and Android operating system devices.

Microsoft includes its Enterprise Mobility service in packages such as Microsoft Security. Regarding pricing, you can choose $10.60 or $16.40 per user per month.

Microsoft Intune has a G2 rating of 4.4. To read comments, clickhere.


  • Windows support
  • Various Microsoft products
  • Accessible


  • relatively high price
  • complex operation


If you are looking for oneAndroid MDM gratuitoand you're just starting out, then the Miradore is an excellent option. It has a free plan packed with services like unlimited device registration, user import, lock and wipe, and a device password reset option.

The cloud-based Android mobile device management software is compatible with Android devices from version 6 onwards. In addition, they are also compatible with IOS, macOS and Windows.

The Premium package will cost $3.3 per device per month and has a 14-day free trial period.

Its G2 rating is 4.7. To read comments, clickhere.


  • Affordable prices
  • Unlimited Device Registration


  • The free version doesn't have many features.

5scale fusion

Scalefusion is another great Android endpoint and device management platform if your operations rely on a diverse fleet of mobile devices for work. You get kiosk mode, location tracking features, content management, network settings, etc.

Scalefusion is compatible with Android devices from version 5.0 and up.

The starter package costs $2 per device per month, while the Enterprise package costs $4 per device per month.

This MDM has a G2 rating of 4.7 and a 14-day free trial. To read comments, clickhere.


  • browser management
  • Automate your IT tasks
  • Affordable prices


  • It's hard to learn
  • No message on offline dashboard
(Video) Module 1 - Android Device Management Overview

6MDM do Google Workspace

Google MDMIt offers great services like centralized device management, remote data wipe, screen lock, remote logout and limited user access.

The best MDM tool is compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later mobile devices. In addition, Apple devices are also supported.

You can try Google Workspace MDM for free for 14 days. Pricing starts at $6 per user per month up to $18.

He now has a 4.6 G2 rating. To read comments, clickhere.


  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Google toolset available


  • User limit, up to 300

7IBM MaaS360 security with Watson

Developed by one of the top names in the computing industry, IBM, MaaS360 is one of the best Android MDM software. It is security oriented and protects all your devices from online threats. It offers AI capabilities to help use the system to its optimal capacity and facilitate the implementation of policies such as BYOD.

It supports a wide range of devices, including Android mobile phones, Windows PCs and laptops, and even Internet of Things devices.

In terms of price, MaaS360 packages range from $4 to $9 per device per month.

Its G2 rating is 4.0. To read comments, clickhere.


  • AI resources
  • Advanced tools for content management
  • content collaboration


  • Windows devices may require manual enrollment
  • Limited functionality on some platforms

Part 4: How to choose the best Android MDM software for your company

1Check which deployment methods are supported

Basically, there are two deployment options: cloud and on-premises. And most MDM providers are available for cloud deployment.

What is the difference between cloud and on-premises? The answer is whether your business data is stored on a third-party cloud server or the server you used on-premises.

Deploying in the cloud will keep the data on the server that the Android MDM software uses, such as AWS. If you want to reduce hardware and server expenses, it will be an ideal choice.

If you want device and user information to be maintained on your own server, choose an on-premises MDM solution. It completely keeps privacy at hand, but keep in mind that it requires more technical skill.

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (4)

AirDroid MDM offers flexible deployment methods, clickhereto see which one is best for you.

2See how data is protected and managed

It is also vital that an Android MDM solution ensures that your devices and data remain secure at all costs. Typically, security and credentials will be listed on the homepage. Or you can check the details in MDM Software Security Center likeAirDroid Security.

Here are some certifications and compliance to look out for:

  • ISO 27001: international standard on information security management.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): the strictest privacy and security laws.
  • AES 256-bit Encryption – Encryption standard adopted by the US government, which is already used commercially to protect digital data.

3Consider the device user

Device users decide which features Android MDM solutions need.

If you adopt a mobile device management strategy for BYOD, CYOD or COPE, i.e. device users are targeted to employees, it is best to use an MDM tool that supportsgms service.

If you want to manage hundreds of Android devices used by your customers, then an MDM for AOSP devices is best for you.

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (5)

Part 5: Sample Android MDM Configuration

Here's a simple step-by-step guide to configuring and deploying your Android device to an MDM solution.

(Video) How to Bypass Remote Management on iPhone in minutes (2023) Bypass MDM from iPhone!

Step 1.Register Android devices
Enter the MDM console. Go to 'Device' - 'Device Registration' - 'Registration via Device Owner' - 'Tap 6 times'. Then scan the QR code on the right with your device's camera to install AirDroid Biz Daemon, an app to help connect your MDM console and device.
step 2.Create a policy configuration file
Under "Policy & Kiosk", the admin can set various restrictions and rules to define how an employee can use the device. For example, you might require complex password settings.

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (6)

Step 3.Configure alerts and workflow
Some operations can be performed automatically once the predefined alert is triggered. In 'Device' - 'Workspace', the administrator can choose alert types and configure them.

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (7)

common questions

What is the MDM app on Android?

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (8)


The MDM application is the tool applied to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to connect the administrator and the controlled device. It can refer to the control center used to configure and manage the devices and also the subsidiary that used to link the devices to the control center.

Is there any free MDM?

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (9)


Yes. However, a totally free MDM might not offer interesting features. Before rushing to pick one, be sure to look over the features to ensure the free version you choose meets your needs. We selected the 5 best free MDM, check it outhere.

Why do companies need an MDM solution?

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (10)


(Video) Top 10 best MDM solutions in 2016 video

The most direct reason is to protect the company's data and further reduce the damage caused by it. A cybersecurity breach can be very costly, even for large companies. It's hard to get your money back or recover lost data from your backups and increase security. Therefore, investing in an MDM solution is a safety net.To know more.

How to access MDM on an Android device?

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (11)


Here is an example to illustrate from registration to configuration.Click here.

What is the difference between Android Device Manager and Android MDM?

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (12)


Android Device Manager is a class for factory reset and reset function used by software developers. For example, Google Find My Device and other device management tools will use it to help deal with device loss. And Android MDM contains Device Manager feature but with more features.

Why don't more people know about MDM solutions?

Top 7 Rated Android MDM Solutions and Everything About Android MDM (13)


(Video) All Samsung Phone Locked MDM lock kG Lock Done Without pc 2023 || Phone Locked Remove Without pc

Not many companies use MDM solutions because they often don't think of personal cell phones as company resources. But the truth is that when your employee uses his smartphone inside the company, using network resources, other people can use these devices to access company data. That's why more and more companies are testing MDM solutions.


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