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A senior account manager is an important part of a company's sales team whose job it is to achieve sales targets. This person is responsible for developing customer relationships to acquire new business and networking with existing customers to retain their business. As the title suggests, this is a senior position that comes with the responsibility of leading the sales team. This position often requires travel; Additionally, the pressure to meet sales targets can cause stress and anxiety for some individuals.

A variety of industries are open to senior account managers; All medium to large companies that manage customer accounts employ account managers. These professionals work in sectors such as banking, technology, automotive, medicine, among others. This person is usually part of a hierarchy within the sales department and reports to the Regional Sales Manager. If you are considering this career, you should know that there is a growing demand for sales professionals, including senior account managers. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a 6% increase in employment for this group, with 39,230 openings annually through 2024.

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Senior Account Manager Duties and Responsibilities

A senior account manager is a liaison between the organization in which he is employed and existing and potential customers. Not only do they have to manage multiple customer accounts and make each customer feel important and valued, but they also have to act as leaders for their sales team. As such, these professionals must be multitasking, organized, and delegateable. These are the main responsibilities of a Senior Account Manager:

account management

The main objective of this position is to manage client accounts as efficiently as possible to generate revenue for the company. This includes researching business opportunities; book sessions; Participation in congresses, fairs, networking and corporate events. Once business is secured, they must build and maintain strong customer relationships, be available to address concerns, and earn customer trust to ensure they remain loyal to the company.

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human resource Management

A Senior Account Manager is responsible for being the backbone of the sales department, and as such, this person must manage your team. They must help their team members develop and improve their ability to close sales, assign projects, and monitor performance. If a member of the sales team isn't meeting sales targets, the senior account manager should provide tools and resources to improve, step in to help close a deal, or refer another colleague to handle the account.

Industry specific knowledge

To sell a product or service, the senior account manager must become an expert in the specific field. Whether in the medical field, finance or any other industry, they need to keep up to date with the latest market and competitive developments such as B. Market conditions and innovations to stay one step ahead. They must have an in-depth knowledge of not only the offering they are selling, but also the company they work for, including their mission statement, company initiatives and goals. Based on this information, they must make recommendations to customers based on their individual needs.

Customer service

A customer-centric attitude is essential to succeed in this role. To generate new business and maintain existing accounts, a senior account manager must identify customer needs and be as specific as possible. You must maintain a clear line of communication with customers to ensure their satisfaction and anticipate any issues that may arise. If problems arise, this professional should contact the customer service team for a quick and efficient resolution of the problem.

administrative duties

With the help of the sales team, the Senior Account Manager is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks such as: B. Maintaining detailed customer accounts that include contact information, ordering preferences, history and other relevant details. You need to calculate forecast sales and create budgets and targets for the sales department. They track departmental sales and create detailed reports that include sales data for each employee, customer, territory and/or company.

Skills of a Senior Account Manager

A successful Senior Account Manager is a self-motivated individual who is able to perform at his best under pressure. You must be an original thinker who can offer ideas to generate new sales and work with people effectively to maintain customer satisfaction while leading a sales team.

essential skillsThese basic skills are essential for securing a job as a senior account manager.

  • Advanced sales skills, including the ability to market and close a deal
  • Trading skills to secure profitable accounts
  • Interpersonal skills to communicate with clients over the phone and in face-to-face meetings
  • Analytical skills to assess the current market and competition to set accurate prices
  • Knowledge of mathematics and accounting to prepare budgets and expense reports

Advanced SkillsIt's always beneficial to offer more than basic skills; These are common advanced skills that senior account managers strive for

  • Advanced computer software skills
  • Experience with syndicated data, software, and measures
  • Basic knowledge of retail initiatives
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trade toolsUpdate your knowledge of these tools as you will be required to use them in your daily role as a Senior Account Manager

  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Outlook-e-mail
  • personal computers
  • contact management programs
  • Cloud-based apps like Google Drive and Dropbox

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What is a Senior Account Manager? - JobHero (1)

Senior Account Manager Q&A

To learn more about being a Senior Account Manager, we spoke with him.Stephanie Kali, senior account manager for Rebuild Group. Here's what she had to tell us.

What are some of the key responsibilities of a senior account manager?

A senior account manager manages the most complex and difficult projects while overseeing/managing the workload of junior account managers. Some other tasks are assigning tasks to internal staff, communicating a schedule with the client, and setting expectations for deliverables. Maintaining a great relationship with all clients is the most important part of the job.

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What challenges does this position face?

The main challenge of this position is to ensure that the customer's expectations are met, the schedule is met and the customer gets the best product. Everything the Senior Account Manager does is for the client. Internally, AM is the voice of the customer. It is important to ensure that communication with the team is extremely clear so that they are fully aware of the task at hand. Understanding and knowing what the team has to do is a challenge; However, it does allow this position to provide the client with realistic timelines so deadlines can be met.

What skills are most needed in this position?

Communication is key for a senior account manager, as you are the customer's primary point of contact. You must communicate clearly, be knowledgeable and available. Customers come from all industries and across the world. It is important that you are available to your customers outside of business hours.

What should someone consider before becoming a senior account manager?

There are times when you have to be tough. You have to manage your team's work, and if they aren't delivering the best product to the customer, you have to make sure they work hard to make sure it's done right. Also, it takes a long time to be an account manager. Customers want answers anytime, not just 9-5; Being available when they need you will make you a better senior account manager.

What kind of person succeeds in this job?

Someone who can communicate very well with all types of people. You will find customers who know nothing and customers who know a lot. Make sure you know what you are managing as best you can. If you don't know something, let the customer know that you will contact him and find the answer. The truth is always the best.

What do you find particularly enriching at this point?

Delivering results to customers. When I manage to deliver a product or result that exceeds the customer's expectations, it is very rewarding.

Senior Account Manager Salary

While this position can be challenging, the pay can also be extremely rewarding. The average senior account manager earns base salary plus commission. While commission structures vary, the average salary for a senior account manager categorized as a sales representative is $55,7000 per year. Professionals in the 90th percentile earn $118,000, while those in the 10th percentile earn $26,800. Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Hampshire offer the highest average salaries for US sales representatives: $65,300, $65,200, and $63,300, respectively.

Resources for Senior Account Managers

If you think you have what it takes to become a senior account manager, use these websites, associations and influencers to learn more about the role.

I'm on the internet


Salesforce, a company that developed an online CRM system, writes a helpful blog for sales professionals with tools to succeed in this area.

received blog

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A blog by Kapta, a key account management (KAM) platform for managing employee accounts, offers solutions for senior account managers.

Blogue do Rain Group

A company that provides global sales consulting and training shares its best practices in this blog.


The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts

VonSallie Sherman,Joseph Sperry eSamuel Reese– Market-proven strategies to generate competitive advantage by always identifying and taking care of your best customers.

key account management

VonDiana WoodburnEmalcom mcdonalds– Practical knowledge for key account managers.

it's LinkedIn

Group of Account Managers - Director of Sales and Management

Account executives and executives from all industries focused on operating and developing customer relationships and relationships through sales and marketing.

Knowledge sharing of Key Account Manager (KAM) best practices

This group aims to provide a platform to share insights and ideas for the benefit of all.

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